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Luby’s Cafeteria Job Application Online

Luby’s Cafeteria operates almost one hundred cafeteria-style restaurants in Southwestern states, serving up home-made favorites of American cooking. The dining area features nine food-stations; each specialized with a particular type of food (desserts, salad bar, grill, deli, and international foods, for example). The restaurant also sells fully packaged meals through the holidays, which can be ordered online from their website. Alongside the downloadable menu and click-here ordering, customers can access the instructions to reheat the meal to serve up a holiday meal without any fuss or hassle. Luby’s Culinary Services, an offshoot branch of the company, supplies food services to hospitals, office buildings, and colleges. Whether you see yourself cooking for one branch or another of the Luby’s Cafeteria business, or serving as a manager, server, or office support, you can get going with a Luby’s Cafeteria online application for employment.

Luby’s Cafeteria Jobs Available

Luby’s needs to fill office positions in the Houston business hub, working in clerical support, communications, advertising, marketing, accounting, and similar areas of support. The restaurants also need crew employees capable of working in the fast-paced environment of a busy kitchen and restaurant. Luby’s Cafeteria also takes pride in its management training, combining on-the-job instruction with classroom training to build managerial skills in marketing, budgeting, service, human resources management, and culinary skills. Wherever you’d like to start with the company, you can submit a Luby’s Cafeteria job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Luby’s Cafeteria

The Luby’s Cafeteria application form is available to applicants sixteen and up.

Luby’s Cafeteria Store Hours

The “Locations” link at the top of the website takes you to an interactive map and search bar which you can use to establish the hours and address of restaurants nearest you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Luby’s Cafeteria

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the website to visit the online career center, where you can read about employee expectations, job openings among office positions, crew employees, and management positions, as well as a link to the Luby’s Cafeteria online application.
  • Your resume and Luby’s Cafeteria job application form can be submitted by fax or online from the link in the online career center.
  • Take advantage of the media links provided by the company to get to know everything you can about the business and menu before applying and interviewing.  You can hook up with the Twitter and Facebook news feeds, and join the e-club for electronic newsletters.  The more informed you are about the restaurant, the more intelligently you’ll be able to express your own suitability for an open position with Luby’s Cafeteria.

Most Common Positions At Luby’s Cafeteria & Income Information

Hourly positions within a restaurant include line cooks and prep cooks, bakers, servers, staff to keep the food stations socked with freshly cooked items, dishwashers and bussers, and cashiers. Restaurants need management staff as well, and provide training to enable existing employees to build their management skills and advance within the company. You can start with a Luby’s Cafeteria job application for any position, and create a career from the job with the training from the company.

Luby’s Cafeteria Benefits

Qualified Luby’s employees receive on-the-job and additional training, vacation with pay, retirement options, health coverage, disability and life insurance, and discounted dining at Luby’s Cafeteria and its sister restaurants. To enjoy these benefits yourself, submit your Luby’s Cafeteria application right away.


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