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Maggiano’s Little Italy Job Application Online

Founded in 1991 in Chicago, Maggiano’s Little Italy has grown its chain to locations across the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, and Ireland. Serving Italian-American cuisine with individual or family-style service, Maggiano’s Little Italy features innovative new recipes alongside classic favorites. The website offers opportunities to connect with social networking like Facebook and e-club membership, as well as the Chef’s Blog, featuring recipes and guest stories. Offering delivery, catering services, gift cards, and online reservations and online ordering, the restaurant keeps its faithful fans coming back for more. Become part of the success with Maggiano’s Little Italy online application for employment.

Maggiano’s Little Italy Jobs Available

Maggiano’s Little Italy is in need of a dedicated team in both the kitchen and the dining area. Experienced line cooks and prep cooks, consumer-minded servers, and managers ready for the company’s extensive training are all welcome to turn in a Maggiano’s Little Italy application form for open positions with the company.

Minimum Employment Age At Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy hires adults; anyone who has reached the age of eighteen is invited to submit a Maggiano’s Little Italy job application online.

Maggiano’s Little Italy Store Hours

The “Locations” tab at the top of the home page enables you to check the hours and addresses of locations near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Maggiano’s Little Italy

  • Click the “Careers” link at the website footer to read about Maggiano’s Little Italy employment culture, job openings, and a link to the Maggiano’s Little Italy online application on the website of the parent company.
  • Before you apply to Maggiano’s Little Italy, take your time in getting familiar with the menu and the company.  The website shows the dine-in and carry-out/delivery menus, kids’ menus, so you can be prepared to talk knowledgeably about the food and service when you turn in your Maggiano’s Little Italy job application form.
  • Your application is your first shot at making a splash of an impression, and a person who make a good first impression doesn’t may not get a chance at a second.  Make sure your application is error-free and all-inclusive, and draws attention to your best points as a prospective employee.

Most Common Positions At Maggiano’s Little Italy & Income Information

Maggiano’s Little Italy is on the look-out for prime staff members who are up for the training and fast-paced environment of a popular restaurant’s kitchen. Wait staff who can keep pace with a smile and describe the menu items and specials, and cooks who can prepare those specials for in-house diners as well as call-in or internet orders are needed, as well as managers to facilitate the operations. To jump in on a career, get cracking with a Maggiano’s Little Italy job application.

Maggiano’s Little Italy Benefits

Eligible employees of Maggiano’s Little Italy enjoy medical, dental, vision, and prescription discount benefits, disability, life insurance, flexible spending plans for childcare and health expenses, as well as retirement and paid vacation. The parent company offers extensive training programs both online and in person, to “grow” existing employees into managers. The training itself is a benefit worth an employee’s attention, as it not only builds your resume, but enables you to advance within the corporation and earn better salary and benefits. Put your feet on a career path with your Maggiano’s Little Italy application.


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