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Maoz Vegetarian Job Application Online

Maoz Vegetarian first opened in 1991 in Amsterdam, the dream of an Israeli couple who wanted to sell all-vegetarian falafels and food worldwide. In just two decades, the chain has opened stores in locations around the world, “wow-ing” customers with signature sauces and salads, and using fresh ingredients grown locally to each location. The name “Maoz” means strength or power, and the company stands behind the effectiveness of vegetarian living as an entire lifestyle. The famous falafel is created with ground chickpeas (health benefits of which are detailed on the website) and the spice-blend affectionately referred to as “Maoz Magic Powder.” Maoz Vegetarian also touts its catering services as perfect for group settings, allowing attendees of a meeting or events to choose their own ingredients. To become part of a healthy revolution that can also support your own way of life, turn in your Maoz Vegetarian job application online.

Maoz Vegetarian Jobs Available

Maoz Vegetarian needs dedicated workers for its corporate offices (handling accounting, information processing, advertising, and so on) as well as its restaurant crews. Prep cooks learn the special recipes for sauces, salads, and signature falafels, and make meals to order based on customer’s specifications. The restaurant values employees who are ready to advocate for the vegetarian lifestyle, its health benefits, and the fresh ingredients and high quality of the Maoz Vegetarian meals. Managers keep the individual store’s operations running smoothly. Join the team today with your Maoz Vegetarian online application for employment.

Minimum Employment Age At Maoz Vegetarian

The Maoz Vegetarian application form is open to candidates eighteen years and older.

Maoz Vegetarian Store Hours

The “Restaurants” link at the top of the website will lead you to a list of cities where Maoz Vegetarian restaurants are located; you can click on your city to find out the address and hours of your local restaurant.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Maoz Vegetarian

  • Click the “Jobs” link at the foot of the website to “Join the Vegolution” by submitting your Maoz Vegetarian online application and resume. Take the time to prepare a professional-looking resume, error-free and highlighting your own skills, education, experience, and the personality traits that will make you an excellent candidate for an open position.
  • Consider following up a Maoz Vegetarian job application form with a visit in person to meet the manager, introduce yourself, and create an impression to go with the name on your online application.
  • Maoz Vegetarian offers a number of media connections which you can make use of to keep informed about the company, its menu, and its philosophy.  Follow the Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Yelp, and FourSquare feeds to educate yourself before applying.

Most Common Positions At Maoz Vegetarian & Income Information

Maoz Vegetarian is hiring at their corporate offices with hourly openings in accounting, data handling, website design, and other support positions.  Hourly field positions include vegetarian cooks, cashiers, and servers.  Salaried managers keep the whole falafel running smoothly, and since the company provides training, even an entry-level Maoz Vegetarian job application can lead you to a career position.

Maoz Vegetarian Benefits

Employees of Maoz Vegetarian may be eligible for vision and dental coverage, health insurance, short and long-term disability, retirement plan, paid vacation, and discounts on Maoz Vegetarian healthy dining. Get launched on your career with a Maoz Vegetarian application.


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