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Marmalade Cafe Job Application Online

The Marmalade Café first opened in 1990 in California, with a focus on serving catering customers with fine-dining at their events, meetings, and gatherings. The food was so popular that the company soon opened a dine-in café, and has since spread its influence—by popular demand—around California with a chain of locations. With an antique-studded décor and a fine-dining menu, Marmalade Café is a favorite among those diners who want the upscale experience, complete with sophisticated service. With specials like the three-course dinner served early on weeknights, online ordering and online reservations, and the catering for which the business first became famous, Marmalade Café keeps its customers content. If you’re up for the challenge of a fast-paced restaurant and the expectations of a clientele accustomed to the best, a Marmalade Cafe online application for employment is for you.

Marmalade Cafe Jobs Available

Marmalade Café is searching for Chefs, line cooks and prep cooks, servers and seating hosts, and managers to oversee operations at each restaurant site. Turn in your Marmalade Cafe job application online to join the team.

Minimum Employment Age At Marmalade Cafe

Marmalade Café maintains its sophisticated air with the mature assistance of adult employees; the Marmalade Cafe application form is open to anyone who has reached the age of eighteen, or older.

Marmalade Cafe Store Hours

The “Locations” tab of the Marmalade Café home page leads to a listing of all the restaurant locations and their hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Marmalade Cafe

  • The “Employment” button on the website’s menu-bar leads to a listing of current openings, alongside the link where you can submit your Marmalade Cafe online application and resume.
  • It’s important to accompany your Marmalade Cafe job application form with a sharp, professional-looking resume to catch and keep the attention of the managers who will be hiring.  If resume-building is new to you, take the time to seek out help from an online template or an experienced acquaintance; after all, this is your first shot at making the lasting impression that could land you a great job.

Most Common Positions At Marmalade Cafe & Income Information

Each Marmalade Café kitchen operates under the supervision of a trained Chef, who supervises kitchen staff, sees to sanitation standards, and plans the purchasing and budgeting of the kitchen. Working with the chef are hourly prep cooks and line cooks, and the dining room pays hourly for seating hosts and table servers. The catering company which started as the mainstay of the business is still going strong, so catering staff is needed for food preparation, delivery, service, and clean-up of catered events. Managers within the company are required to have three years of management experience, so if you don’t have that yet, you can begin at an hourly job and take advantage of Marmalade Café’s training program to grow into a management job. Wherever you fit, it all starts with your Marmalade Cafe job application.

Marmalade Cafe Benefits

For eligible, well trained employees, Marmalade Café offers dental, vision, and medical benefits paid by the company, company-matched 401(K) plans, bonuses for performance, and training and development opportunities for you to move up the pay scale and the company ladder. If you’re not yet qualified to start as a manager, the managerial positions are within reach for a motivated employee who starts at any position with a Marmalade Cafe application.


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