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Maudie’s Job Application Online

Maudie’s Café opened in the early 1950’s in a “hole-in-the-wall” café where loyal diners would line up for unbeatable breakfast and lunches. With new ownership in 1992, the café switched its menu from home-style to Tex-Mex, and the fanatic fans just kept on coming back. With a long list of awards and a philosophy based on al- natural ingredients and cooking, the restaurant has spread the good food around with a half dozen locations named in variations of the original (Maudie’s Too, Maudie’s North Lamar, Maudie’s Hacienta, Maudie’s Milagro, and Maudie’s Hill Country). The restaurant offers catering to homes and businesses, and willingly custom-creates a menu to suit the occasion and the budget. Easily handling special food-needs like gluten-free menus, vegetarian, and vegan, and offering the services of its famous Mariposa Bar, Maudie’s keeps them coming back. You can join the restaurant or catering staff by taking the simple step of filling out a Maudie’s online application for employment.

Maudie’s Jobs Available

Maudie’s needs a full staff of kitchen and dining room crew, as well as catering staff and managers. You can submit a Maudie’s job application for positions like line cook, prep cook, server, dishwasher, and caterer.

Minimum Employment Age At Maudie’s

Maudie’s will consider any candidate who is at least sixteen and turns in a Maudie’s application form.

Maudie’s Store Hours

Pages for the individual stores are linked at the bottom of the website’s home page; you can click on each one to find out details like operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Maudie’s

  • Click on the very colorful “Employment” block at the left side of the website to read about job openings, and to access the link where you can submit a resume and a Maudie’s job application form.
  • A resume is an excellent opportunity for you to make a professional impression on a potential employer.  If you don’t already have one, it’s a great idea to put one together, and don’t feel shy about seeking advice from a friend or associate who has experience with resumes.  Make sure it’s sharp-looking, error-free, and brings to light your great qualities as an employee.
  • Maudie’s is a very personal, “home-grown” kind of atmosphere, so you can give your Maudie’s online application the right personal touch by following it with a personal introduction of yourself.  Visit the Maudie’s location in person, ask to introduce yourself to the manager of the restaurant where you’ve applied, and leave a great impression to go with your application.

Most Common Positions At Maudie’s & Income Information

Maudie’s restaurant locations need to fill hourly positions for line cooks and prep cooks, servers in the dining area, cashiers, dishwasher and bussers, and catering staff for catered events. Managers are needed to oversee operations within the catering arm of the business as well as the restaurants, and are paid salaries for managerial work. For any of these positions, you can fill out a Maudie’s job application online.

Maudie’s Benefits

Maudie’s takes great care of its employees with competitive hourly wages and salaries, as well as health coverage, retirement 401(K), flexible scheduling, and sick and and vacation pay. Maudie’s trains employees to advance within the company and put their Maudie’s experience to work at higher levels within the restaurant. You can get started on a career-building job with your Maudie’s application.


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