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Morton’s Job Application Online

Morton’s, also known as Morton’s The Steakhouse opened in Chicago over 30 years ago. From the beginning, the goal was to provide only the best for its guests and demand mutual respect of every employee, Morton’s has restaurants in 26 states, Canada, Mexico and China. We are a high-class, highest quality steakhouse and our staff are the finest trained in the world. We look to hire people who have a true sense of hospitality and have an inner desire to do everything possible to exceed our guest’s expectations. We offer employees a way to create their own career path. For example, if you begin as a server, there are steps for you to eventually become a General Manager. If you start as a line cook, you have the ability to proceed to a Chef. We support our entire staff with excellent training and in exchange, expect them to provide us with their hard work, integrity, and teamwork. Every manager must attend Morton University for a period of 6 to 12 weeks depending on the position. We want our staff to succeed and remain with us for their entire career which is why we do all we can to help them in that goal. For the chance of a lifetime, you must begin with submitting a Morton’s online application for employment.

Morton’s Jobs Available

Currently, there are bartender, broiler cooks, bus persons, dishwashers, and assistant manager positions available. To take advantage of the opportunity, submit a Morton’s job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Morton’s

The Morton’s application form is open to candidates who are 18 years and older.

Morton’s Store Hours

Please, refer to Morton’s The Steakhouse website as the hours of operation differ from the employee scheduling hours by category.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Morton’s

  • Check out the “Careers” link on the Moron’s website for the latest postings of jobs available.  While there, scour every page of the site to learn about all the offerings and benefits that we offer and provide.  If you are ready to begin a new career in the food industry, access a Morton’s online application for all positions.
  • Even if Morton’s does not currently have an opening in your field of choice, submit a Morton’s job application form for consideration.
  • Morton’s only accepts applications online but if you have applied, it would be to your benefit to drop by for a meal and let your wait staff know that you have done so.  Speak to them and ask them why they enjoy working with us.

Most Common Positions At v & Income Information

The most common position openings are for dishwashers, bus persons, servers and bartenders. Fill out and send in your Morton’s job application right away, as the competition is fierce.

Morton’s Benefits

We offer many typical benefits for our employees and many that are unique to us. Our staff may qualify for medical and dental insurance, 401K plans bonus plans and recognition programs. Our award programs for servers include an annual trip to Napa Valley and for our assistant managers an annual trip to Italy. If you feel that you are the person we need, join the team with a Morton’s application.


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