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Ojeda’s Job Application Online

Back in 1969, Ben and Cecilia Ojeda started their Mexican restaurant serving up authentic Tex-Mex cuisine in Dallas, Texas. A reporter in 1971 was captivated by their story, and did a piece on the restaurant and the Ojedas, including their nine children, which helped to boost the fame of the restaurant. Since, many celebrities have gone there to enjoy the authentic cuisine in the homey atmosphere the couple had created. The restaurant branched out to three more locations, and is still kept up and running today by Cecilia, her children and several nieces and nephews. Ojeda’s prides itself on excellent customer service along with its welcoming atmosphere. Ojeda’s is a great place to work with many opportunities. You can find an Ojeda’s job application online.

Ojeda’s Jobs Available

Ojeda’s has numerous types of positions available, from more entry level positions to the positions for the more experienced in the restaurant business. Ojeda’s is always looking for employees with wonderful customer service skills and the willingness to learn. No matter which position you choose, you will find the atmosphere at Ojeda’s a most enjoyable one and find that it is a great place to work. Check out an Ojeda’s online application for employment to get started.

Minimum Employment Age At Ojeda’s

If you are seeking employment at Ojeda’s you must first be at least 18 years of age. Go online to find an Ojeda’s online application.

Ojeda’s Store Hours

Ojeda’s is open seven days a week and is generally open Sun-Thurs 10pm-9pm and Fri-Sat 10am-10pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Ojeda’s

  • Go online to find an Ojeda’s job application form.
  • Read the history of the Ojeda’s restaurant to learn how they started and what kind of a restaurant it is. You can learn about the food they serve and the atmosphere they provide. This helps you to understand the company better and what they are looking for in the prospective employees, plus helps you to determine if you would enjoy working in a place like this.
  • Fill out your Ojeda’s application completely and bring it in to your nearest location during a non-busy time. By doing this you respect the restaurant and the managers, and may be able to get an interview scheduled that day or on have one right on the spot.
  • Make sure you have a neat and clean appearance when you do go to turn in your Ojeda’s job application.

Most Common Positions At Ojeda’s & Income Information

Ojeda’s offers up many different positions including entry level ones such as wait staff, bussers, and hosts. They also have dishwasher positions, prep cooks, line cooks, bartending, assistant manager and manager positions in their restaurants. Everyone is welcome to fill out an Ojeda’s job application form if you are interested in joining their team of friendly professionals. You are sure to enjoy working in this homey environment with its authentic cuisine.

Ojeda’s Benefits

Ojeda’s offers great starting pay to its part-time employees. Full- time employees can enjoy competitive pay range plus a variety of other benefits such as health plans, life insurance, vision and dental. Some associates can also have access to a 401k plan.


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