Serrano’s Application

Serrano’s Application – Apply Online At Serrano’s Today

Serrano’s Job Application Online

You can fill out a Serrano’s job application online if you are interested in becoming a part of the Serrano family.  You also can pick up a Serrano’s job application form from a location near you if you prefer.

Serrano’s Jobs Available

 There are several positions for which you can apply when you fill out a Serrano’s online application.  They include the following: Dishwasher, Host/Hostess, Bartender, Wait Staff, Busser, Assistant Manager, Prep Cook, Line Cook, and General Restaurant Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Serrano’s:

The minimum age to be an employee at Serrano’s is 16.

Serrano’s Store Hours

The restaurant is open Sun-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm; from 11:00am to 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Serrano’s

You will have to include your most recent employment when you fill out Serrano’s online application for employment.  It asks for your employment experience so you can describe your duties as well as telling where you worked.

Another question you are asked on Serrano’s application form is why you want to work in the food industry.  It also asks why you want to work for Serrano’s specifically.  You need to consider how you will answer these questions because they carry a lot of weight with the hiring personnel.

You are also asked what your minimum salary requirements are on Serrano’s job application.  Before you answer this question, you need to find out what the average salary is for that position in your area.  You don’t want to put an amount too high that you won’t be considered, but you don’t want to put it too low either.  Hiring managers like to find applicants who have done their homework and know something about the job they are applying for.

You will also be asked to list names and phone numbers of references.  Choose people who you have worked with and who know your skills and abilities.  If this is your first job, you can ask former teachers or parents if you babysat or people you worked on school projects with.

Check with your references before you list them on Serrano’s application.  This will give them a chance to prepare their answers ahead of time.  You don’t want them to be taken by surprise or they may not give the best answers even if they want to be a good reference for you.

Most Common Positions At Serrano’s & Income Information

There are more wait staff positions to be filled than any other position because of the number required at each location.  Managers often promote up and have to be filled more than other positions.

Serrano’s Benefits

You can get medical coverage at Serrano’s, along with dental and vision insurance, if you are an employee.  Employees can also participate in a 401k plan for retirement.  They also get meal discounts and disability for short and long-term.  There is also paid training for employees.

Because the restaurant is open seven days a week, employees enjoy the benefit of a flexible schedule.

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