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Smitty’s Application – Apply Online At Smitty’s Today

Smitty’s Job Application Online

There isn’t an application you can print for Smitty’s and you won’t find a Smitty’s online application for employment.  You can click on a link to allow you to send an email for a management position.  You can submit a resume that way or you can visit your local Smitty’s for a Smitty’s job application form.

Smitty’s Jobs Available

There are several jobs for which you can fill out a Smitty’s job application.  These positions include: Restaurant Manager and Assistant Restaurant Manager, Host, Hostess, Line Cook, Dishwasher, Prep Cook, Busser, and Wait Staff.

Minimum Employment Age At Smitty’s:

You can begin working at Smitty’s as long as you have turned 16 years old.

Smitty’s Store Hours

Smitty’s is open seven days a week.  On Monday through Friday, their hours are 11:30 am to 10:30pm.  For Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 12:00pm to 10:30pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Smitty’s

Since you will be filling out an application by hand, make sure your writing is legible.  Fill in answers for all questions and complete them.  Do not get in a hurry but read through the questions.  Consider your answers and how they will appear to someone who might possibly hire you.

Look at each answer for a way to make it relevant to the job you hope to get.  If you are asked about relevant skills, education, training, or job experience, try to find a way to relate it the food industry.  Hiring managers will be looking at your application for possible hiring in this industry so making your answers relevant can get you an interview.

Common mistakes made on a resume or application is not having accurate information or leaving out some information.  This might be the dates that you worked somewhere or phone numbers.  These mistakes reflect poorly on you.

Poor grammar and misspelled words also provide a poor impression of your skills and level of responsibility.  Proofreading your application before you submit it is time-consuming, but it is time well spent.

Carefully consider your references when filling out Smitty’s job application form.  If you can get permission to use former supervisors, they make the best references.  You may not consider them since you list them on work references.  However, they are often limited to what they can say at work.  As a personal reference, they have more freedom to provide information about you.

Most Common Positions At Smitty’s & Income Information

Management positions come open on a regular basis but they may not be located in your area.  There are several wait staff and host positions that open up frequently.  Entry level positions are what you will usually find available.

Smitty’s pays a wage similar to other restaurants with the same profit levels and dining style.

Smitty’s Benefits

Benefits for all employees include paid training and job scheduling flexibility.  You can get other benefits, depending on your position.  These include medical coverage and 401k plans.  You can also earn paid time off and other benefits.

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