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Sneaky Pete’s Job Application Online

Birmingham, Alabama is where it all started, as the original Sneaky Pete hotdog recipe and the famous Sneaky Pete hotdog sauce formed its roots to become what it is now. Originally known as Sneaky Pete’s Express, it all began as a simple hot dog joint in 1966, typical to those commonly found in gas stations and convenience stores during this era. Since then, it has eased its way to become a restaurant with more menu choices to boast under its new name Sneaky Pete’s Cafe. With its specialty of beef-pork hotdog and other signature dishes, Sneaky Pete’s offers a wide variety of hotdog and breakfast menus. In line with several restaurants located in the Birmingham area alone, and a dozen branches all throughout Alabama, we continuously seek talented individuals to be part of our family. Submitting a Sneaky Pete’s online application for employment is all you need to get started to have a stable career in our fast-growing business.

 Sneaky Pete’s Jobs Available

You may submit a Sneaky Pete’s application form for any of the following positions: Entry level positions such as cook, server, cashier and shift leader. Assistant managerial and managerial duties are also available for hiring.

Minimum Employment Age at Sneaky Pete’s

The Sneaky Pete’s job application online is available to applicants of 16 years or older.

Sneaky Pete’s Store Hours

Hours of Operation are from Sundays-Thursdays from11:00am to 10:00pm and on Fridays-Saturdays from 11:00am to 12:00pm. Our official website also helps you find the nearest convenient location of Sneaky Pete’s with information on each one’s specific location and operational hours.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Sneaky Pete’s

By clicking on the “More Options” link on the job application website, this would enable you to find the link to Sneaky Pete’s job online application. However, before proceeding to the link to fill up an application form, it would be necessary to read the details of the job applications page that also includes Sneaky Pete’s job interview questions & tips. More importantly, please make sure to include a professional resume with your Sneaky Pete’s job application form.

Most Common Positions at Sneaky Pete’s & Income Information

Entry-level employees seeking a job at Sneaky Pete’s have various duties laid out such as preparing food, taking orders, cooking, cleaning the restaurant, running the register and other routine tasks. Applicants with previous supervisory work experience and a solid background in food service can expect a stable career in an expanding business such as Sneaky Pete’s. As supervisor, one is tasked to hire new associates, schedule workers, supervise employees and coordinate with the corporate offices. A completely filled out Sneaky Pete’s job application can launch a rewarding professional career with us. Take your time to fill-out the application form as best as you can and include an updated resume detailing how you can contribute to our company’s efforts.

Sneaky Pete’s Benefits

An industry competitive pay rate is what draws applicants in any given time for work at Sneaky Pete’s. In addition to this, other work benefits such as flexible shift scheduling, vacation and sick leaves, healthcare insurance, retirement packages of up to 401,000 and many more is what makes them stay. A Sneaky Pete’s application can pave the way for a rewarding career path for any deserving and loyal associate who wishes to apply.


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