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Souplantation Job Application Online

If you’re the type that likes the idea of seeing your career grow by the day right before your eyes, the Souplantation online application for employment could be for you. Having been in business since the late 70s, this is a powerhouse of the food service industry that’s become a household name across the US. Nowadays, Souplantation operates over 110 units over 15 us States and has served upwards of 300 million customers. From salads to soups to truly delectable pasta dishes, it’s all about freshness and quality on a whole new level. The size of the company and ongoing growth means the need for extra staff in constant and if you have what it takes, there’s really no limit to how far you can go at Souplantation.

Souplantation Jobs Available

You may submit a Souplantation application form for any of the following positions: Servers, Cooks, Kitchen Managers, Cooks, Cashiers, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, Regional Managers, Head Office Executives.

Minimum Employment Age at Souplantation

The Souplantation job application online is available to applicants of 16 years or older.

Souplantation Store Hours

Throughout the working week, most Souplantation units are open from around 11am until 9pm, while at weekends this is usually extended to 9am to 10pm. Hours vary considerably depending on the size and location of the unit, so be sure to check out the company website and take a look at the hours for your nearest store.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Souplantation

  • Prior to getting started with your Souplantation online application form, it is highly important for you to actually visit a couple of units and try out the products on offer. You really won’t get far unless you know exactly what they’re offering.
  • Better still, hold off on your Souplantation job application form for an extra day and go introduce yourself to the staff at your nearest unit. They may be able to offer you a few inside tips on what life is like behind the lines at Souplantation that could work wonders for your application.
  • It’s all about the total package of product and service at Souplantation, so be sure to think about what it is that makes you the ideal candidate to work in a dynamic team before making your application.

Most Common Positions at Souplantation& Income Information

If you manage to get Souplantation job application noticed and are offered a job, it could be nothing less than the start of a stunning career the likes of which has no limits. The most common position of all is the standard crew member, which is a position most must at least go through for a period in order to learn the ropes and see how the company functions. These positions are paid at minimum wage plus benefits, though it’s worth bearing in mind that over 65% of all managers and executives at Souplantation started as crew members – the sky’s the limit if you’ve got what it takes!

Souplantation Benefits

Benefits as Souplantation vary in accordance with the position being worked and the length of service the worker has. However, with your successful Souplantation application all positions promise competitive rates of pay, flexible working hours, exceptional training, sick leave, opportunities for advancement and generous discounts on products. Higher-level positions will also lead to additional benefits like bonuses, healthcare coverage and excellent pension schemes.

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