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Sushi Axiom Job Application Online

Try your luck with the Sushi Axiom online application for employment and you could take your career in food service further than you ever dreamed possible. Offering far more than just sushi alone, this growing chain of high quality restaurants also serves up the most stunning Asian fusion foods and sample plates on the market today. In addition, the home delivery service compliments the restaurant of the brand to extent its services to the largest possible audience of diners. If you live in the Dallas area then chances are you don’t live too far from your nearest Such Axiom, which means that an amazing career could be literally just around the next corner. From entry-level positions while studying to the loftiest executive positions, if you’ve got what it takes to get to the top, they’ll help you get there.

 Sushi Axiom Jobs Available

You may submit a Sushi Axiom application form for any of the following positions: Servers, Hosts, Delivery Drivers, Chefs, Line Cooks, Dishwashers, Bussers, Shift Managers, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, Executive Roles at Head Office when available.

Minimum Employment Age at Sushi Axiom

The Sushi Axiom job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older.

Sushi Axiom Store Hours

Most Sushi Axiom stores will open from lunch until midnight, though as far as working hours go there is a great deal more scope. For example, chefs and line cooks may be needed to begin work as early as 8am to begin preparations for the day, while those closing the unit at the end of the day could be on-site until after 1am. Check your nearest store for details.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Sushi Axiom

  • If you don’t know the first thing about sushi, consider studying a little before starting your Sushi Axiom online application and especially before attending your interview.
  • It’s also a very good idea to take a trip to your nearest restaurant and also order a delivery before starting your Sushi Axiom job application form, so as to find out how the service works and what the products are like to eat.
  • If this is your first job your interview panel will be aware that you don’t have sushi restaurant experience to talk about, so rely more on your personal qualities and relevant achievements.
  • Career advancement can be extremely rapid at this company, so even if starting at the bottom doesn’t sound like a thrilling prospect chances are it won’t be long until you begin climbing the ladder.

Most Common Positions at Sushi Axiom & Income Information

There are plenty of different position you can apply for via the Sushi Axiom job application form you’ll find online. Of all the roles however, the most common by far are the hosts, the servers and the cooks that represent the very life-blood of the business. These position will all be paid at or above minimum wage with tips, though this will vary depending on experience and age at the time of application. Supervisors, managers and executive take home very different pay packets depending on the position in question and could earn anywhere between $15K and $150K.

Sushi Axiom Benefits

Most workers at Sushi Axiom consider their jobs rewarding enough in their own right, but there are still plenty of benefits offered to sweeten the deal even further with a successful Sushi Axiom application. Pay rates are always above national averages while flexible hours allow you to work around your job without having to completely give up your personal life or education. There’s also provision of sick leave for those taken ill, some excellent healthcare benefits and various amounts of paid leave depending on position and length of service. And of course, discounts on the amazing food on offer.

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