Sweet Tomatoes Job Application

Sweet Tomatoes Application – Apply Online At Sweet Tomatoes Today

Sweet Tomatoes Job Application Online

Sweet Tomatoes is a salad bar, soup restaurant and bakery that is part of the Souplantation family. Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to work, and applying for a job at Sweet Tomatoes is now easier than ever before, as you are able to apply online.

To apply for a job at Sweet Tomatoes, you can fill in a Sweet Tomatoes job application form online. The Sweet Tomatoes application form is available at:


Sweet Tomatoes Jobs Available

Sweet Tomatoes is currently hiring people at all their locations. There are both full- and part-time positions available that can all be applied for with a Sweet Tomatoes online application. The jobs that you can apply for will differ according to the location, so contact your local Sweet Tomatoes to find out what jobs are available. However, the general positions available at Sweet Tomatoes are:

Food Prep, Prep Cook, Host, Hostess, Server, Cashier, Dishwasher, Counter Attendant, Central Kitchen Cook, Intern, Production Manager, General Manager, Service Manager, Human Resources Associate, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager.

If you would like to work in any of these positions, then you can apply using the Sweet Tomatoes job application at the link above.

Minimum Employment Age At Sweet Tomatoes:

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Sweet Tomatoes.

Sweet Tomatoes Store Hours

Mon – Thurs: 11am – 9pm

Fri and Sat: 11am – 10pm

Sun: 9am – 9pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sweet Tomatoes

In order to get any job, the first thing you need to do is fill in a job application, and getting a job at Sweet Tomatoes is no exception. Applying for a job online is very convenient, and you could be part of the Sweet Tomatoes team today if you complete the Sweet Tomatoes online application for employment at the link above. When filling in your Sweet Tomatoes application, keep in mind that this is the first impression that your potential employer at Sweet Tomatoes is going to get of you. It’s therefore important to not rush through the application form – take your time to make sure that the form is completed correctly and thoroughly. Always run a spell check before sending your form – it doesn’t take long and it can make a big difference to your application.

Most Common Positions At Sweet Tomatoes & Income Information

Manager: $36, 000 / year

Catering Coordinator : $12.50 / hour

Assistant Manager: $28 ,000 / year

Seater: $14, 000 / year

Service Manager: $17 / hour

Production Manager: $53, 000 / year

Cashier: $9 / hour

Server: $8 / hour

Dishwasher: $8 / hour

Sweet Tomatoes Benefits

  Sweet Tomatoes has a comprehensive benefits package to offer all employees. They offer flexible work schedules, supporting both full- and part-time positions, with competitive salaries and hourly wages. In addition, on-the-job training is provided with good opportunities for advancement. Employees may also qualify for benefits such as medical insurance, healthcare packages including vision and dental plans, and a 401 k savings plan. Start enjoying these benefits and earning the salary that you deserve by starting a fresh and exciting new career as a Sweet Tomatoes employee.

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