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Tender Greens Job Application Online

Fill out the Tender Greens online application for employment today and join a growing team of professionals that care as much for the people they serve as the planet we all live on. Over recent years, Tender Greens has established a name for itself as a front-runner in the drive to put back into the world as much as we take out. Everything on offer from the line-caught tuna to the free-range chicken is 100% organic and just as nature intended. What’s more, sourcing only from the best local suppliers helps to give back to the community and ensure smaller businesses have a fair chance. The chain constantly has the need to hire new staff across various roles in order to meet growing demand, so if you share the firm’s values when it comes to Eco-concerns and generally working in harmony with the Earth, what are you waiting for?

Tender Greens Jobs Available

You may submit a Tender Greens application form for any of the following positions: Salad Maker, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Pastry Chef, Server, Host, Cashier, Kitchen Supervisor, Busser, Bartender, Front of House Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager and more.

Minimum Employment Age at Tender Greens

The Tender Greens job application online is available to applicants of 16 years and older.

Tender Greens Store Hours

The hours you’ll be expected to work at Tender Greens will vary in accordance with the location of the unit and how busy it is. In most instances, opening times fall between 11am and 11pm, but prep chefs and cleaners will need to be in a few hours before opening and for a couple of hours after. The best advice is to look up the store of your choice online for exact opening times.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Tender Greens

  • You will only ever succeed with your Tender Greens online application if you first carry out enough research to get a good understanding of the business and the way it works – faking it won’t work.
  • In addition, you also need to make sure your Tender Greens job application form stands out from the crowd, which means thinking about what it is that makes you a standout candidate in terms of what you can offer the customer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask question – if there’s anything you’re unsure of it will show your enthusiasm by getting in touch with the restaurant and asking for advice.
  • Head down to the restaurant you’re applying to in order to get your face known and perhaps improve your chances of success considerably.

Most Common Positions at Tender Greens& Income Information

A Tender Greens job application is basically just the start of the journey – the rest is up to you. The most common positions of all are the standard team members like servers, cooks, hosts and bussers – all of whom earn minimum wage plus tips. Wages quickly increase as career move forward and as in-house promotion is favored over outside hiring, you can go a long way in a short time. Supervisory staff usually earn closer to the $16K mark, while executive can earn a solid $50K and up.

Tender Greens Benefits

Along with access to some of the most stunning organic food at discount prices, a successful Tender Greens application can bring a world of benefits including high quality training, flexible shift patterns, paid leave, sick leave, health and dental plans and an exceptionally social working environment. There are also some of America’s best long-term health plans and retirement packages on offer for those that go the distance with Tender Greens.

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