Waffle House Application

Waffle House Application – Apply Online At Waffle House Today

 Waffle House Job Application Online

Waffle House has become a household name and with over 1600 locations across the country, one of the most popular restaurants in the United States. Now you can apply for a job at this legendary franchise without even leaving the comfort of your home, by filling in a Waffle House online application for employment at:


Access the site and download a Waffle House job application form today to qualify for a job at ‘America’s Place to Work’.

Waffle House Jobs Available

Waffle House has a number of diverse job opportunities available for hard-working, fun-loving, service-driven individuals. Positions available include:

Host, Hostess, Waiter, Waitress, Dishwasher, Busser, Grill Operator, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager

All of these positions and more can be applied for using the Waffle House online application, so what are you waiting for? Visit the Waffle House career site now!

 Minimum Employment Age At Waffle House :

You must be at least 16 years old to be hired at Waffle House.

Waffle House Store Hours

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Waffle House

The Waffle House application form is the gateway to a thrilling career in one of the most well-loved restaurant chains in the country, and therefore completing the Waffle House job application should not be taken lightly!

You should take your time when completing the application form, to ensure that you do so neatly, write clearly and do not make any spelling or grammar mistakes. Keep in mind that this is going to be the first impression that your future employer has of you as an employee, and first impressions often stick! You therefore want to come across as professional as possible in your Waffle House application.

Sign your application once you have completed it, and submit it online or drop it off at your nearest Waffle House restaurant today, as vacancies are limited and you don’t want to miss the chance to get your dream job.

 Most Common Positions At Waffle House & Income Information

Waffle House offers excellent compensation for its servers, grill operators and cooks, who are paid weekly in cash. Grill operators have the opportunity to earn bonuses each week, while servers are guaranteed a raise of at least 40 cents per hour after a year of work in the same store.

Average salaries for some of the most common positions at the Waffle House are:

Waitress/Waiter: $23, 000 / year

General Manager: $42, 000 / year

District Manager: $60, 000 / year

Cook: $20, 000 / year

Grill Operator: $22, 000 / year

Assistant Manager: $32, 000 / year

 Waffle House Benefits

Waffle House offers all of its employees, managers and hourly workers alike, extensive benefits packages, including:

Comprehensive health care cover for workers and their families from the first day of working, dental plan, vision discount, stock purchase opportunities, opportunities for an annual Associate cash bonus that differs according to your years of service, paid vacation leave and many more exciting benefits.

To take advantage of these benefits and get started on an exhilarating and rewarding career path, the only thing to do is to apply for a job online at the Waffle House – become part of an American favorite!

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