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‘Wichcraft Job Application Online

‘Wichcraft (a clever nickname referring to sandwich-craft) is a deli-type restaurant offering catering, in-store dining, delivery, and online food ordering.  The chain will gladly accept your ‘Wichcraft online application for employment to support its existing team of cooks, servers, caterers, bakers, and delivery personnel.  The restaurant opened just recently, in 2003, as the casual-dining project of three partners (including a judge of the “Top Chef” TV show on the Bravo channel) who have a history in New York’s fine dining scene and wanted to share in a more informal dining venture.

‘Wichcraft Jobs Available

The company website includes a ‘Wichcraft job application online covering the various openings for which the company is hiring.  The commissary is in need of cooks to prepare the daily soups, sandwich ingredients, sauces, and pre-prepared elements of sandwich making, and maintain the kitchen in its proper state of sanitation and cleanliness.  Specialized pastry cooks are needed to follow company recipes for desserts and bread, and drivers and delivery personnel distribute commissary products to the individual stores, as well as to catering sites.  In the restaurants themselves, the company requires on-site prep cooks to assemble the sandwiches and ordered food, counter staff to take the orders and serve the customers, porters to clean dishes and tidy up the tables, delivery drivers to transport call-in orders, and call center employees to process orders received by phone and internet.

Minimum Employment Age At ‘Wichcraft

‘Wichcraft will consider a ‘Wichcraft application form from applicants of eighteen years and older.

‘Wichcraft Store Hours

Restaurant hours vary from one outlet to another; you can check the map on the “Locations” tab of the website to see the operating details of locations nearest you.  Most stores open for breakfast and stay open through early evening hours; some are closed over the weekend, and the company guarantees a five-day work-week for all employees, regardless of the store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With ‘Wichcraft

  • A ‘Wichcraft online application is your place to shine!  Bowl them over with your job experience, your training or education, your knowledge about the company (a thorough reading of the website will be a help), and your professional presentation (without errors or missing information).
  • Get familiar with the menu before applying or interviewing; you will impress the managers with the thoroughness of your research, and be able to speak specifically to your own qualifications to prepare the food they offer.
  • You are welcome to forward a ‘Wichcraft job application form for multiple positions if you qualify for several.  With the reduced-cost Metrocard available to employees, you’ll be able to get to work regardless of which location finds you the best fit for their team.

Most Common Positions At ‘Wichcraft & Income Information

With a full team of kitchen and customer service specialists, you can complete a ‘Wichcraft job application for any of the commissary cook jobs, in-restaurant food preparation and customer service, online and phone customer service, or delivery driving.  These are hourly positions, with advancement available to the salaried management positions at both restaurants and commissary

‘Wichcraft Benefits

Turn in a ‘Wichcraft application to begin receiving the benefits of wages, insurance for health and dental and vision healthcare, vacation pay, discounted Metrocard to get you to work, and the chance to advance within the company, as well as the comfort of dining well with your employee eating discount.


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