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Mrs. Winner’s Job Application Online

Mrs. Winner’s opened in 1979 in Georgia when Jack C. Massey set his sights on the food service industry with a specialty in chicken and biscuits. It soon became famous for its hand-braded fried chicken and homemade biscuits. Today, there are 110 Mrs. Winner’s restaurants in 18 states throughout the Midwest and Southeast with a high concentration around Atlanta. Of these, 92 are company owned and 21 are franchised. Mrs. Winner’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its menu consists of beloved southern foods such as country-fried steak and pork chop biscuits. This is both a sit down restaurant and a fast food drive-through facility for the convenience of our customers. Jeff Miller is the current CEO who arrived with a tremendous success rate with other franchise operations including the Black Eyed Pea chain and Denny’s. With his expertise, employees can be assured that the company is not going to fold in this economy. To join the team, you can start with a Mrs. Winner’s online application for employment.

Mrs. Winner’s Jobs Available

Mrs. Winner’s is always taking applications and hiring entry-level employees for jobs as dishwasher, hot, busser, server and line cook requiring minimal qualifications. Manager positions are open periodically. To take advantage of the opportunity, submit a Mrs. Winner’s job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Mrs. Winner’s

The Mrs. Winner’s application form is open to candidates who are 16 years and older.

Mrs. Winner’s Store Hours

The “Location” link on the website will help you find the restaurants near you and find out what their operating hours are.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mrs. Winner’s

  • Click the “Apply online” link to access a Mrs. Winner’s online application for all positions.  Fill out all spaces before submitting.  If you have limited or no experience in the food industry, still add any jobs you may have had.
  • If you are just entering the work force for the first time, include any odd jobs or family business jobs you may have held.  .
  • How can you stand out among other applicants?  Go to Mrs. Winner’s website and learn everything you can about the company before your interview.  If you learn nothing else, memorize at least 5 breakfast or lunch items on the menu and be able to describe them.  During your interview, find a way to get this made known even if you have to just tell the manager that you took the time to do this.  You’ll be able to turn in a Mrs. Winner’s job application form knowing that you’re prepared to talk intelligently about the business when you interview.

Most Common Positions At Mrs. Winner’s & Income Information

Hourly positions with Mrs. Winner’s include servers, dishwashers and bussers, line cooks and prep cooks. Managers within the company experience extensive training in order to be consistent with all other Mrs. Winner’s locations. Apply with tithe Mrs. Winner’s job application.

Mrs. Winner’s Benefits

Qualified, full time associates receive a benefits package, which includes paid time off, discounts on meals, and flexible scheduling. All employees are off on Thanksgiving and Christmas since Mrs. Winner’s is closed on those days. Join the team with a Mrs. Winner’s application.


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