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Woody’s Bar-B-Q Application – Apply Online At Woody’s Bar-B-Q Today

 Woody’s Bar-B-Q Job Application Online

Woody’s Bar-B-Q is a magical place, with food that is always delicious and service that is always exceptional. It has an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere that makes each and every customer feel perfectly at home, and staff that make every diner’s experience extra special. If you would like to be part of the staff that make thousands smile each day, you can apply for a job at Woody’s Bar-B-Q by completing a Woody’s Bar-B-Q online application for employment at the following website:


Woody’s Bar-B-Q Jobs Available

Woody’s Bar-B-Q locations across the country are always looking to hire talented new recruits to join the Woody’s family. Jobs available include entry-level jobs, as well as positions in management and corporate support. Some of the jobs that are available at Woody’s are:

Waiter, Waitress, Hostess, Host, Dishwasher, Busser, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Cashier, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Customer Services Representative, General Restaurant Manager.

To apply for any one of these positions, you can complete a Woody’s Bar-B-Q job application form in order to be immediately considered for employment at this great chain of barbeque restaurants.

 Minimum Employment Age At Woody’s Bar-B-Q:

For entry level jobs at Woody’s Bar-B-Q, you must be at least 16 years old. Some positions, such as that of bartender, require applicants to be at least 18 or 21, depending on the state. You should therefore only complete a Woody’s Bar-B-Q application form if you meet the minimum age requirement for the specific job that you wish to apply for.

Woody’s Bar-B-Q Store Hours

Sun – Thurs: 11am – 9pm

Fri and Sat: 11am – 10pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Whether you are looking to start a long-term career in the restaurant industry, or you just love the smell of a great barbeque, Woody’s Bar-B-Q could be your ideal place of employment. You’ll never know unless you complete a Woody’s Bar-B-Q online application and start your journey towards success in the restaurant industry!

 The Woody’s Bar-B-Q job application consists of a form that needs to be downloaded and completed, and then dropped off at the Woody’s branch closest to you. You will need to fill in your name, address, social security number and telephone number, so ensure that you have this information on hand. In addition, you will be asked to give details about your past employment history, if applicable. Remember to be honest, but don’t hold back on your talents, skills and responsibilities – Woody’s Bar-B-Q like to hire well-rounded, experienced employees that will add value to their company.

 Most Common Positions At Woody’s Bar-B-Q & Income Information

Average salaries for some popular job positions at Woody’s Bar-B-Q are as follows:

Server – $7.83 / hour

General Manager – $43, 520 / year

Dishwasher – $7.50 / hour

 Woody’s Bar-B-Q Benefits

Working at Woody’s Bar-B-Q comes with a number of great benefits. Besides receiving a good salary, with advancement opportunities and on-the-job training, staff at Woody’s Bar-B-Q may also be eligible for healthcare insurance, meal discounts, disability insurance, paid vacation time and employer-assisted savings plans.

To make the most of the job opportunities and benefits that Woody’s Bar-B-Q have to offer, complete a Woody’s Bar-B-Q application today and you may finally find yourself the job that you deserve.

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