Smoothie Store Jobs

In the 1950s the fashion was burgers and fries served with shakes and malteds.  Nowadays, the majority of co-eds would rather drink something both nutritious and delicious.  Morning, afternoon or evening, before school, after a workout or as an evening snack, nothing beats the appeal of smoothies.  They are fresh and fruity, creamy and delicious, and usually supplemented with protein powder, magnesium or potassium.  Nice to be able to have your cake and eat it too!

Those who love smoothies would also love preparing them.  The smoothie store job holder gets to taste his or her creations on-the-job, as well as preparing, serving and selling these delicious concoctions to customers.  If you like healthy, fruity, nutritious and delicious protein shakes; you might be a good candidate for work in a smoothie store!
Whether you find work at the food court in the mall or at a specialized smoothie shop in town, the appeal of the smoothie store is hard to resist.  Let’s face it.  Smoothies are “in“and the majority of guests who come to a smoothies store are pretty interesting themselves.  Athletes, dancers, actresses and health food lovers are magnetically attracted to smoothies.  Being in a smoothie store is never a dull place to be.  Even part time workers can get their feet in the door and blend in their school responsibilities and other activities with this tasty new job option.

Smoothie store jobs always need new to blend up some new specialties.  If you are a smoothie lover yourself, this should come naturally.  The job pays as you learn, and you may be able to perfect your culinary skills while being paid to serve customers.

In addition to making shakes, there are other fun things to do.  There is fruit to slice, cream and milk to store, protein powder to bottle and honey to wipe down.  Like all food related positions, there is a need for both preparation and clean up.

Some smoothie shops have an extended kitchen with other organic specialties.  This is fertile ground for you to increase your knowledge while polishing your customer service skills.  Smoothie shops are transitionary because of the many students who come and go from semester to semester.  The reality of the matter is, working in a smoothie shop is not a hard job.  There are many similar food service jobs that require a greater hustle for the buck.  Here you can experiment with flavor combinations and do a little people watching while tasting and blending  your craft.
At a full-time level, Smoothie Shops (like other food service positions) offer health and dental benefits with other … benefits, depending on the firm.

Be wise!  Find out how sweet it can be – to be an employee at a smoothie shop!  By filling out an online job application for smoothie store employee, you will be surprised how refreshing it can be to whirr for a living.  Depending upon where you live the Smoothie business may operate year round or only in the summer.  An idea whose time has come, it never pays to pass up an opportunity to be on the cutting edge.  Slice up the competition and download a free online application for smoothie store employee today!

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