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Smoothie King Application – Apply Online At Smoothie King Today

Smoothie King Job Application Online

If a brilliant career in the smoothies and beverages industry is your ambition in life, then your dreams can come true at Smoothie King, United States’ popular food service firm. Headquartered at Covington, Louisiana, Smoothie King today operates more than 600 outlets at different locations around the world. If you find yourself fit for a fast-paced and exciting working environment, then you can submit a Smoothie King Job application and get hiring consideration instantly. Simply download the printable Smoothie King Application form, fill it up and submit it to your nearest Smoothie King store. Competitive pay rates and rewarding job perks await you at Smoothie King!

Smoothie King Jobs Available

Smoothie King offers entry-level, professional, part-time, fulltime and seasonal working opportunities to prospective employees. The common job positions available at Smoothie King are: Team Member, cashier, day-time team leader, night-time team leader, shift supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Field Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst and Human Resources Coordinator. On account of the basis of your qualifications and previous working experiences, you can submit your Smoothie King Application form targeting any particular post at Smoothie King.

Minimum Employment Age At Smoothie King:

The minimum employment age at Smoothie King is 16 years.

Smoothie King Store Hours

Smoothie King Stores around the world operate on all days of the week. The hours of operation from Monday to Friday are from 09.00 AM till 09.00 PM. On Saturdays, Smoothie King remains open from 10.00 AM till 10.00 PM, and on Sundays, the working hours are from 12.00 PM till 05.00 PM.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Smoothie King

If you are really serious about finding an employment opportunity at the prestigious beverages shop Smoothie King, it is inevitably essential that you give due consideration to your Smoothie King job application form. It is highly recommended that you submit your completed Smoothie King application in person, for this will boost your chances of getting hired. Like while filling any other job application form, your Smoothie King application too, must be filled in an accurate and efficient manner. Fill in your details without errors. Fill up the required fields and cross-check before you seal the envelope. You may also mention your previous working experiences and strengths. For more tips on how you can establish yourself as a credible candidate in front of the Smoothie King hiring management, please read our free report ‘7 Secrets to Getting Hired’.

Most Common Positions At Smoothie King & Income Information

The common job positions available at Smoothie King are those of the team member and manager. Entry-level employees at Smoothie King perform simple tasks such as preparing smoothies, taking orders and collecting cash. They receive minimum wages. On the other hand, managers at Smoothie King are mostly career-oriented persons, who aspire to build up a strong and successful restaurant career. They, who supervise the working of the store, receive higher pay rates depending upon qualification and experience.

Smoothie King Benefits

Competitive pay rates, huge scope for career growth, paid training, flexible scheduling, 401(k) retirement plans, paid holiday and employee discounts are a few of the benefits which employees receive at Smoothie King.

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