Specialty Foods Store Jobs

Get a job in a specialty store if you are a bit of an eclectic eater.  These boutiques are just about everywhere.  Take a look in the mall next time, there you will see many food shops that specialize in just one type of food, like cinnamon buns, pretzels or so on.  If you love gourmet food, organic, or even spicy, healthy, or ethnic varieties, you may well have found your niche.  Management in these shops appreciate having customer service and crew members available who are knowledgeable and friendly, and most of all, are knowledgeable about the specialty food item being sold.

Even if you don’t know the ropes in the beginning, it is not too difficult to learn the business with a little effort.  Many specialty food stores take entry level workers with no previous experience.  It would help if you do know a little bit about the business, and if you are familiar with other foods besides the everyday burger and fries.  Your personal preferences can help you be a better fit than the average Joe or Jane.  You can both showcase your knowledge of spices, gourmet or organic foods and help customers find the ideal combination that they’re looking for!

You may find yourself at Trader Joe’s, Cinnabons, the Pretzel shop, imported goods from all over the world, Mrs. Field’s cookies, and the list goes on.  Any store that specializes in one thing means it will be easier to master the basics.  The best thing is to let your instincts guide you.  What do you know – or would like to learn more about?  What feels compatible to your tastes and preferences?  This will help you decide where you would be the best fit.  An online application makes it easy to apply.

Naturally, being a store employee in a specialty store has its perks.  You will be the first to discover new foods as they are introduced onto the market, and be able to buy your favorite cooking ingredients and other products when they go on sale.  Being in this environment will help you in that you will hear something every day that will encourage you to go home and cook a new dish, experimenting with your newfound taste combinations. In time, you will be known as an expert and people will come to the store asking if you are working that day.  It’s a nice feeling, and besides that, adds to your job security as an employee!

Companies like Traders Joes pay a little higher than minimum wage, but offers pay raises with merit and experience.  Most store employees start out at a rate slightly higher than minimum wage.  Full time employees are eligible for the health insurance plan.  These stores hire both full-time and part-time employees, as well as seasonal help during summer or at the Christmas season.  If you love the job you may try to stay on for year-round employment.  Most firms are happy to accommodate your schedule if they see that you are a good employee to have in the store.
If you think you could talk to people, assist them and give advice based on your personal experience, why not apply online for a specialty store job today?

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