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Auntie Anne’s Application – Apply Online At Auntie Anne’s Today

Auntie Anne’s Job Application Online

Anyone that is interested in working for Auntie Anne’s must complete an Auntie Anne’s online application for employment. This particular application can be easily accessed through the Auntie Anne’s website. The Auntie Anne’s online application should be printed and submitted to the nearest Auntie Anne’s franchise in order to begin the employment application process. The application can also be completed and mailed to the auntie Anne’s human resources Department or e-mailed to the provided e-mail address on the Auntie Anne’s employment webpage.

Auntie Anne’s Jobs Available

There are various jobs available upon completing an Auntie Anne’s job application online. Many of these positions are available on a full-time and part-time basis. Likewise, individuals can choose between franchise only opportunities or team member positions at local franchises.

Some of the positions available by completing an Auntie Anne’s job application include Consumer Insight and Testing Specialist, Accountant, PR/Communications Intern,Crew Member, Assistant Manager, Manager, Store Support Representative,Employee Relations Coordinator and Franchise Development Assistant.

Minimum Employment Age At Auntie Anne’s:

18 years old

Auntie Anne’s Store Hours

The store hours associated with Auntie Anne’s very based on the location. Many of these franchises are located within other public venues such as malls. Because of this, the various hours for Auntie Anne’s stores may coincide with traditional mall hours which generally range from 10AM-10PM Monday-Saturday with reduced hours on Sundays. Most Auntie Anne’s stores are closed on holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Auntie Anne’s

There are a few considerations that must be made when cleaning in Auntie Anne’s application. Individuals should consider which positions are best suited for their current and previous work experience. Depending on the position, the company will expect various levels of experience and education as needed. In some cases, crew members will be expected to stand on their feet for a considerable amount of time. Likewise, crew members are required to have previous cash handling experience. Those applicants that are interested in working with food may be required to undergo a specified training.

All applicants should make sure they fully understand the necessary skill sets for a particular position before completing the Auntie Anne’s job application form. Taking the time to review the application in its entirety can be a considerable asset when applying for any positions with Auntie Anne’s.

Most Common Positions At Auntie Anne’s & Income Information

Auntie Anne’s is known for their delicious buttery pretzels, there are variety of positions the currently available at this company. Upon completing an Auntie Anne’s application form, individuals have the opportunity to work in these positions:

Crew Member-The crew member is responsible for assisting customers with their pretzel orders at local franchises. They are also trained to make the pretzels on site. They must be willing to learn the art of making pretzels. Likewise, crew members should have previous cash handling experience. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Franchise Owner-Franchise owners basically own and operate an Auntie Anne’s pretzel business. They are responsible for the overall operation of the individual business and will hire managers and other personnel to oversee the day to day operations.

Auntie Anne’s Benefits

There are various benefits offered to Auntie Anne’s employees. Such benefits include comprehensive training, retirement options such as 410(k), healthcare options and paid time off.

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