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Complete Nutrition Job Application Online

Complete Nutrition is a national nutritional supplement retail store that caters to the upscale shopping markets. Complete Nutrition specializes in marketing and selling weight loss goods, sports nutrition supplements, vitamins, and other general health products. Complete Nutrition is different from any other nutrition store in the fact that a majority of their employees are nutrition experts, bodybuilders, personal trainers, strength coaches, and other experienced fitness professionals. This means that when a customer walks into a Complete Nutrition, they know they can get the advice and information that they need that they will not be able to get from any other national retail chain. Employees of Complete Nutrition are trained to not sugar coat anything. Instead, employees are encouraged to engage customers and offer their knowledge about dieting, exercising, and taking supplements. Complete Nutrition and their employees know that there is no easy way to lose weight or get into shape and they share their experiences with their customers. Complete Nutrition also develops a proprietary line of high quality supplements. If you are a fitness professional who is looking for a full- or part-time career in the nutritional supplements retail environment, complete a Complete Nutrition application form online.

Complete Nutrition Jobs Available

Complete Nutrition needs fitness and nutrition professionals to apply for sales associate and nutritional consultant positions. Sales associates and nutritional consultants greet customers and assist them locate products they are looking for. Sales associates and nutritional consultants offer advice about taking supplements, dieting, and exercising. Both positions also make recommendations for vitamin, mineral, and supplement usage. Sales associates and nutritional consultants work promote Complete Nutrition’s line of products or other merchandise sponsored by Complete Nutrition. Sales associates and nutritional consultants complete the sale, accept payment, and encourage customers to return. To apply for a sales associate or nutritional consultant position, submit a Complete Nutrition online application.

How can I get a job at Complete Nutrition?

To be considered for a position at Complete Nutrition, you must be in relatively good to excellent shape. Complete Nutrition has an image to sustain, so you must be physically fit to apply. Complete Nutrition also requires that you have at least one to two years of experience in retail sales. Complete Nutrition prefers applicants who have a history working as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist, dietician, weight loss consultant, or any other fitness-related field.

Where can I apply at Complete Nutrition?

There are over 160 Complete Nutrition stores which will accept your application or you can submit a Complete Nutrition online application for employment.

Minimum Employment Age At Complete Nutrition

The minimum age for employment at Complete Nutrition is 18 years of age.

Complete Nutrition Store Hours

Complete Nutrition store hours vary based on location. Most stores are open seven days a week and open during hours matching the shopping facility they are located within.

Most Common Positions At Complete Nutrition & Income Information

Complete Nutrition is hiring sales associates and nutritional consultants. Sales associates and nutritional consultants are paid between $10.00 and $15.00 per hour. Sales associates and nutritional consultants also are offered monthly bonuses when they meet personal sales goals and/or the store meets sales quotas.

Complete Nutrition Benefits

Employees of Complete Nutrition are offered substantial discounts on Complete Nutrition products and employee discounts on other products sold at Complete Nutrition. Some Complete Nutrition locations also offer employees free memberships to gyms. If you are a fitness professional looking for a career in retail sales, complete and submit your Complete Nutrition job application online.

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