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Godiva Chocolatier Application – Apply Online At Godiva Chocolatier Today

Godiva Chocolatier Job Application Online

The Godiva Chocolatier website has a comprehensive job search mechanism that allows applicants to complete a Godiva Chocolatier online application. The application process is fairly simple. Applicants can easily search for various jobs across a number of job categories. There are also other search parameters that can help applicants find jobs that interest them. These search parameters include the use of requisition number as well as searching for jobs by state or with a keyword phrase. The Godiva Chocolatier online application for employment cannot be printed. The application must be completed online.

Godiva Chocolatier Jobs Available

Godiva Chocolatier offers a number of full time, part time and seasonal jobs across a number of job categories. Whether people are interested in retail positions or working in management, there are a variety of positions that are available to applicants upon completion of a Godiva Chocolatier job application online.

Positions available by completing a Godiva Chocolatier application include Retail Training Specialist, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Representative, Marketing Associate, Planning and Allocations Manager, Sales Manager,Sales Associate, Key Holder, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Account Coordinator,District Manager, Retail Communications Specialist and Retail Flagship Boutique Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Godiva Chocolatier:

18 years old

Godiva Chocolatier Store Hours

Godiva Chocolatier store hours vary based on the location. General store hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00AM-9:00PM and Sunday 11:00AM-6:00PM. Godiva Chocolatier stores are closed on major holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Godiva Chocolatier

When applying for a position with Godiva Chocolatier, it is very important for applicants to thoroughly understand the application process in order to be considered for employment opportunities. Thoroughly comprehending how to complete a Godiva Chocolatier job application is essential. Anyone that is interested in a position with Godiva Chocolatier should visit the website and review the Careers webpage. This particular webpage has detailed information for job applicants on such topics as job search, benefits, culture and diversity and the history of Godiva Chocolatier.

The Careers webpage of the Godiva Chocolatier website allows applicants to easily search for various jobs via the job search mechanism. Those applicants that have a requisition number can easily find a specific position via the search mechanism provided via the website. Also, the job search function enables individuals to find positions by geographic location. Those individuals interested in a specific type of job should utilize the Areas of Interest search mechanism to define the search mechanism for industry-specific jobs.

Applicants can also a completed resume into the provided text box in conjunction with completing a Godiva Chocolatier application form.

Most Common Positions At Godiva Chocolatier & Income Information

Godiva Chocolatier is known forits premium chocolates throughout the world. When completing a Godiva Chocolatier job application form, applicants should consider some of these more common positions:

Assistant Store Manager-The assistant store manager is responsible for sales performance, overseeing Godiva boutiques, maintaining standards for service and operation, making sure there is adequate staffing, maintenance of all storage facilities, training sales staff, prepping purchase orders and preparing cash reports and providing customer service. Assistant store managers are required to have at least 2 to 3 years of supervisory or management experience in a retail environment. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Account Coordinator-The account what neither is responsible for creating and maintaining to Godiva brand through merchandising. They are responsible for maintaining and ensuring inventory stock, checking for damage product and replacement of such products, making weekly visits to Godiva stores and increasing the exposure of the Godiva brand through effective merchandising. Account coordinators must have at least one year of marketing experience in addition to strong communication skills. Salary is commensurate upon experience.

Godiva Chocolatier Benefits

Godiva Chocolatier offers its employees numerous benefits which include medical, dental and vision insurance as well as a healthcare flexible spending account. Short-term and long-term disability insurance as well as life insurance plans are available. Retirement benefits in the form of a 410(k) plan are available as well. Godiva chocolates are also offers its employees various family and lifestyle benefits which include paid time off, business casual working environments, employee discounts on merchandise, adoption assistance and a work/life employee referral program.

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