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T.J Cinnamons Application – Apply Online At T.J Cinnamons Today

T.J Cinnamons Job Application Online

T.J Cinnamons is a franchise based company that specializes in making and selling cinnamon buns. It opened its doors to the public in 1985, and initially was not supposed to be a franchise business. However, they currently operate numerous franchises in the United States and employ thousands of people. Well known for their excellent products and customer service, the company is currently recruiting for a number of positions. Their basic criteria are that applicants should be motivated and energetic and must be able to provide a high level of customer service, while maintaining the product quality. Individuals, who match these criteria, and are interested in becoming a part of the food industry, should get a head start by working at T.J Cinnamons.

T.J Cinnamons Jobs Available

Application for a job with T.J Cinnamonscan be submitted for one of the following positions,Team Member, Assistant Store Manager and General Store Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At T.J Cinnamons:

Interested applicants,who are below the age of 18, will not be considered for a position at T.J Cinnamons.

T.J Cinnamons Store Hours

T.J Cinnamons stores are open year round from 7am to 10pm. Extended or limited store hours are often introduced during the holiday season.

Important Tips To Apply Online With T.J Cinnamons

  • The T.J Cinnamons’ website does not have a career section and only information about the franchising business is available. Interested applicants can either check out the opportunities available in store or via the many employment websites, which advertise jobs by T.J Cinnamons.
  • An application must be accompanied with a resume and applicants are encouraged to bring a copy of their resume, if they are applying in store. Job application sites also require a copy to be emailed or uploaded into their job portal.

Most Common Positions At T.J Cinnamons & Income Information

T.J Cinnamons hires for the roles of team members as well as store managers. However, store managers need to possess a certain skill set and a few years of experience in the food industry. Entry level candidates may also be promoted to managerial levels.

Both full time and part time opportunities are available but may be limited to certain locations and positions. The company decides the mode of reimbursement and employees may be paid an hourly wage or a monthly pay package.

T.J Cinnamons Benefits

T.J Cinnamons has an employee focused culture and encourages employees to voice out their opinions, in order for the company to progress together with its employees. Attractive pay packages are coupled with benefits, so that the employees will be motivated to work harder. This hard work and motivation is reflected in the high levels of quality and customer service provided by T.J Cinnamons employees.

The benefits offered on top of the pay, include health and life insurance, medical and dental coverage, in store discounts and retirement benefits. However, some of these benefits are exclusively provided to full time employees or those who have worked for a number of years with T.J Cinnamons. This does not mean that the part timers are not well looked after, they too enjoy paid on the job training and certain in store discounts.

Everyone with a valid work visa is welcome to apply and should not let disabilities or ethnicity get in their way. All applicants are considered equal and stand an equal chance of being hired.

To visit T.J Cinnamons’s website click here.

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