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Jobs In The Hospitality And Leisure Industry

You cannot think of working in a resort without imagining having some sort of fun. Finding a job in a hotel can take you to an exotic location and other times you even get to enjoy some tourist sites. However, hospitality industry jobs are not only restricted to resorts; you can also work in a motel, hotel, spa and restaurant. If you have just completed your hospitality tourism degree or you are a person with proven customer service experience this could be an area for you. There are also jobs that require little experience like lifeguards and valets. Just browse hospitality jobs online.

These jobs fall in categories, hotel and hospitality is the first. As a good hotel will be determined by how well it is managed, jobs in hospitality require one to be a good leader and better still have good ideas of how to make a hotel successful. It is the function of a manger to ensure that day to day operations are running smoothly, for example cleaning should not be done when guests are around but it should be done at all times. All areas of the hotel fall under the manager like accounting, purchasing, sales, human resource management, training, security, housekeeping and dining. At all times he should ensure that everything is in order. While serving in hospitality management jobs, managers should never crack under pressure. As a manager you should always keep your wits even if everything is attempting to fall apart.

Food services is a second category, this is important in this industry because tourists usually visit places because of its cuisine. For this we have food service managers who are charged with hiring and training a group of staff who will ensure that their kitchen always produces quality food. This sounds like an executive chef but you will most likely find him in restaurants and cruises. A career a long this line will involve managing the kitchen, training cooks, ensuring health standards are met, choosing a menu, directing the food preparation process and ensuring that customers do not have to wait long for their orders.

A third category in the Hospitality and leisure jobs is travel agents; they help their customers plan a good vacation while taking into consideration their budget. They are always expected to come up with a good itinerary. They are the middleman between the tourist and the local ground agent and as such a good job is required for customer satisfaction, you cannot imagine a tourist and his family stranded in a foreign land without knowing where to go. They are charged with advising the client about the status of the hotel be it five star, two star or whatever so the client can choose appropriately. Travel agents who offer quality services especially to business executives have a lot of repeat businesses as such are more successful.

These are highly exciting careers with the promise of travel. To be able to get a good position in this industry, hotels or resorts will hire those who possess degrees for tourism and hospitality management, and as such education is important unless you want to apply for an entry level position. You should also consider studying a language as this is a multi cultural environment. People are more and more turning to online bookings to plan their vacations, you should set yourself apart to ensure that you always have clientele by offering quality. As a member of this industry either working in hospitality jobs or leisure jobs, you will be able to travel with lots of discounts and even be offered free services on occasions. Why don’t you go online today and find the right job for you?

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