Adventure Landing Application

Adventure Landing Application – Apply Online At Adventure Landing Today

Adventure Landing Job Application Online

  Adventure Landing doesn’t provide a printable job application form, so you’ll have to use the online Adventure Landing application form for employment instead.

Adventure Landing Jobs Available

Adventure Landing jobs include –  Admissions Associate, Guest Services Agent, Customer Service Representative, Laser Tag Associate, Game Room Attendant, Go Kart Attendant, Party Captain, Snackbar Associate, Shift Supervisor, Ride Technician, Ride Operator, Ride Mechanic, Groundskeeper, Maintenance Technician, Assistant Park Manager, General Park Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Adventure Landing:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Adventure Landing

Adventure Landing Store Hours

Adventure Landing is open from 10am to 12am Sunday through Thursday, and from 10am to 1am Friday through Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Adventure Landing

Since Adventure Landing is a large and fairly popular amusement park, lots of interesting positions are available. You are able to apply for multiple positions through the easy to use and simple online application form.

From the main Adventure Landing site, click on the Job Opportunities link and look over the landing page. This page will let you in on the basic information you’ll need to know to make a good employee, such as the company’s core values, and the benefits you’ll receive as either a seasonal and part time worker, or as a full time, salaried worker.

Click on the Apply Online button to be taken to the next step in the process.

Most Common Positions At Adventure Landing & Income Information

The most common positions at Adventure Landing are the entry-level positions, such as the Admissions Associate, the Snackbar Associate, and the Customer Service Representative.

Admissions Associates are responsible for ensuring that Adventure Landing’s guests are sold the correct tickets and that any sales, price changes, or customer concerns are properly addressed. They’ll spend quite a bit of time inside their booths, taking money and handing out tickets, so it definitely helps to genuinely enjoy seeing the people that come into the park, and to have a good working relationship with the other admissions associates.

The Snackbar Associate, as the name might imply, are the workers whose job it is to work with food and drinks. It’s a bit like working for a fast food place inside the park, and can be a rewarding experience for those who want to parley their experience with other dining organizations into a job at Adventure Landing.

Customer Service Representatives are the employees who answer phones and help the amusement park’s guests find satisfaction with whatever their problems are. Since every guest is different, a Customer Service Representative must have a working knowledge of every part of the resort as well as an unflaggable level of energy.

Adventure Landing typically pays its new entry level workers the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour.

Adventure Landing Benefits

  Part time workers at Adventure Landing receive employee discounts on food and merchandise purchases, park attractions, and extra pay when working holidays. Full time employees may also benefit from group medical and dental plans as well as paid time off!

To visit Adventure Landing’s website click here.

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