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Cedar Fair Application – Apply Online At Cedar Fair Today

Cedar Fair Job Application Online

Since Cedar Fair does not have an offline job application form, you must use the online Cedar Fair application for employment.

Cedar Fair Jobs Available 

Cedar Fair jobs include –  Cashier/Ticket Taker (Admissions/Tolls), Customer Service Host, Ride Host, Lifeguard, Sweep, Guest Pet/Farm Attendant, Restroom Host, Traffic Host, Building Cleaning Attendant, Bus Driver, Office Clerk/Data Entry, Sales Associate, Ride Photo Associate, Craft Positions (Blacksmith, Wood Carver, Glass Blower, Candle Maker), Warehouse Attendant, Group Sales/Marketing Clerk, Information Assistant, Laborer, Landscaper, Mechanic (Automotive/Ride), Grounds Attendant, Housekeeping Attendant, Registration/Reservation Clerk, Courtesy Car Driver, Laundry Attendant, Recreation Center Attendant, Mail Delivery Carrier, Arcade/Games Host, Arcade Mechanic, Weight Guesser, Vending Attendant, Bartender, Cook, Dishwasher, Food Host/Cashier, Food/Beverage Server, Saloon Host, Bank Teller, Firefighter/Paramedic, Security Officer

Minimum Employment Age At Cedar Fair:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Cedar Fair

Cedar Fair Store Hours

Cedar Fair is open from 11pm Monday through Saturday and from 12pm to 9pm on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cedar Fair

Founded as a partnership between the Cedar Fair amusement part in Ohio and the Valleyfair Park in Minnesota in 1978, the partnership quickly expanded by buying other amusement parks across the country. Today, Cedar Fair owns and operates over 20 park locations as well as several resort destinations. It currently welcomes over three million visitors to its network of parks yearly.

Applying online to join this fun-loving team is easy and quick. Simply go to the Cedar Fair application site, and check to see if any of the openings are something that you’d enjoy doing, and that the openings are near enough to you to be feasible. If they are, click to see the PDF application and decide whether or not you’ll be sending your resume and pay requirements to the company’s email address in pursuit of your new career.

Most Common Positions At Cedar Fair & Income Information

The most common positions at Cedar Fair are the Ride Host, Security Officer, and Building Cleaning Attendant.

The Ride Host is the employee responsible for ensuring that the guests are having a great time on the rides and that all rides are conducted safely. They should be friendly and quick to learn, and be able to learn the proper operating procedure of any rides they become trained to use.

Security Officers are just what it says on the tin. Their job is to make sure that Cedar Fair is kept safe for all guests. Security officers will screen and check all incoming guests for contraband, alcohol, and weapons, and will also make sure that all guests are safe and comfortable in their environment. Extensive training will be given to new security officers so don’t worry if you’ve never had the opportunity to work in this position before.

Building Cleaning Attendants are responsible for the cleanliness of the park. When food or drinks are spilled, or when messes are made on the grounds of the park, the cleaning attendants are there to make sure that it doesn’t stay for too long. Cleaning attendants should be energetic and willing to get a little dirty in their line of work.

Entry level positions at Cedar Fair are typically paid federal minimum wage. Corporate positions may be offered a full-time salary, depending on job title and responsibilities.

Cedar Fair Benefits

Seasonal and part time workers can benefit from a great employee discount program as well as good on the job training.

To visit Cedar Fair’s website click here.

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