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Central Park Zoo Job Application Online

Central Park Zoo’s online job application for employment takes place entirely online.

Central Park Zoo Jobs Available 

Central Park Zoo jobs include –  Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Sales Associate, Maintenance Technician, 4D Theatre Associate, Admissions Associate, Assistant Merchandise Manager, Parks and Grounds Manager, Chef, Comfort Station Attendant, Butterfly Garden Associate, Congo Basin Program Manager, Curatorial Science Fellow, District Worker, Federal Affairs Associate, Graphic Specialist, Parking Attendant, Group Sales Manager, Human Resources Coordinator, Kitchen Associate, Mechanic, Marketing Promoter, Public Programming Associate, Purchasing Agent, Restaurant Maintenance Associate, Ride Associate, Porter, Shuttle Driver, Animal Keeper, Animal Trainer, Veterinary Technician, Marine Director

Minimum Employment Age At Central Park Zoo:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo Store Hours

Central Park Zoo is open every day from 10am to 530pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Central Park Zoo

First opened in 1934 and managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Central Park Zoo exists as a branch of five zoos in the New York area. The zoo itself houses over 130 different species of animals, and covers nearly 5 acres.

Working for Central Park Zoo is an experience unlike any other. If you have a passion for animals, or simply enjoy working at an amusement park where you get to see children and adults alike enjoy themselves by seeing the kinds of bizarre animals they never get to see close to home, working at the Central Park Zoo could be an ideal job for you.

Since is an amusement park operated by a government office, there are ample opportunities for volunteers to give some of their time to the community. This can be a valuable way to put your foot in the door and learn a little bit about what it takes to really operate a zoo in today’s world.

Most Common Positions At Central Park Zoo & Income Information

The most common positions at the Central Park Zoo are the Customer Service Representative, Admissions Associate, Parking Attendant, and the Shuttle Driver.

Customer Service Representatives are the employees whose job it is to make sure that the guests are having a great time and that their needs are all met. This means that customer service representatives should be attentive to the needs of their customers and have outstanding interpersonal skills.

Admissions associates must make change, hand the customers their tickets, and act as a sort of directory service for their guests. They should also be friendly, outgoing, and upbeat to set the right sort of first impression to new guests.

Parking attendants ensure that the park’s parking lots are being properly utilized to make sure that there’s room for every guest. Parking attendants will spend a lot of time in the parking lot and very little inside the park, and their jobs are fairly independent. It’s a great job for those who have a strong personal drive and a sense of duty.

Shuttle drivers, as the name strongly implies, drive the shuttle from one place to the next. They help guests get to the park while saving space in the parking lot for out of town guests. It’s a great job for individuals that enjoy meeting new people and getting a lot of time behind the wheel.

Most entry level positions at Central Park Zoo pay the federal minimum wage, but they have ample opportunities to grow with the company.

Central Park Zoo Benefits

Central Park Zoo’s employees all benefit from flexible hours, good training, and an industry standard pay scale. Full time or salaried workers also benefit from great medical benefits, as well!

To visit Central Park Zoo’s website click here.

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