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Six Flags Job Application Online

Six Flags’ online application form for employment is the best way to get in contact with this exciting company. Fill out the Six Flags application with the company’s site today and get started on a new career!

Six Flags Jobs Available 

Six Flags jobs include –  Team Member, Entertainer/Performer, Tech Crew Member, Support Staff, Justice League of America/Looney Tunes Character Associate, Lifeguard, Food Service Team Member, Games/Arcade Team Member, Ride Operator, Guest Relations/Admissions/Parking Lot Team Member, Planting Crew Member, Mowing Squad Member, Greenhouse Team Member, Park Services Team Member, X-Treme Attractions Team Member, Loss Prevention and Security Officer, Retail and Rental Team Member, Safari/Education Department Team Member

Minimum Employment Age At Six Flags:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Six Flags

Six Flags Store Hours

Six Flags’ hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Six Flags

Six Flags, founded in Grand Prairie Texas in 1961, owns and operates more than 14 world-famous amusement parks in North America and has revenues of over a billion dollars in revenue. The Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is actually the single largest theme park entertainment group in the world.

Although primarily a seasonal employment source, Six Flags does keep a year round staff of nearly 3,000 individuals to keep the park running smoothly year-round. Whether you’re looking for a job to cover you during the summer or some long-term work, Six Flags is a satisfying and fun place to work. Fill out a Six Flags online job application form today and get moving!

Most Common Positions At Six Flags & Income Information

The most common positions available for entry-level employees are the Team Member position, Lifeguard, and Food Service Team Member

Team Members are those employees who are working seasonally, and have a bit of a roaming flavor to their work. They can be called on to do nearly anything in the park, which is a fantastic opportunity for those employees who have never worked at a park before. Realistically, this means that an average Team Member will be assigned to an understaffed department to act as temporary help. But it’s a fantastic way to get a feel for what working at an amusement park is like, and to gain experience in diverse parts of the park.

Food service team members, like any other food service position, have a combination of customer service and food preparation to concern them. It’s a great position for employees who come from a food service background, as all the skills and experience transfers over directly. Food service team members should be able to work to the standards set forth in the recipes, and create food to the exact specifications outlined with a minimum of oversight and a maximum of efficiency. Food service team members should be able to clean as they work as well as keep themselves presentable at all times.

Lifeguards have one of the most interesting jobs in any park or workplace. It’s their job to ensure water park safety, as well as save the lives of any swimmers who have run into trouble. It’s essential that lifeguards either already be qualified or agree to undergo lifesaving certification as well as swimming qualifications. Lifeguards can have a fairly stressful job when the going gets rough, but they’re compensated well for their time.

Six Flags Income Information

Entry-level six flags employees make minimum wage, although starting pay is higher for salaried individuals and certain job titles.

Six Flags Benefits

Six Flags employees can, depending on job title and previous experience, qualify for a range of benefits including medical care, dental, life insurance, retirement assistance, sick days, and more.

To visit Six Flags’s website click here.

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