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Happy Hollow Job Application Online

Your Happy Hollow online job application for employment is the best way to get in contact with your potential bosses. Fill out the Happy Hollow application form via the company’s website.

Happy Hollow Jobs Available 

Happy Hollow jobs include –   Ticket Sales Agent, Customer Service Representative, Accounting Clerk, Admissions Associate, Cash Controller, Commissary Associate, Food Service Associate, Foods Warehouse Associate, Games Associate, Information Systems Technician, Janitorial Associate, Landscaper, Marketing Representative, Merchandise Associate, Merchandise Warehouse Associate, Ride Maintenance Mechanic, Ride Operator, Security Officer, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Happy Hollow:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow Store Hours

Happy Hollow is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Happy Hollow

Happy Hollow is a 16 acre zoological park located in San Jose, California that tries to offer a fun and educational experience for children and adults. Its zoo houses over 150 animal species, and it features a playground, rides, and a petting zoo!

If you’ve got a love for amusement parks and animals, fill out a Happy Hollow job application and find your new favorite vocation. Since it has so much to offer, Happy Hollow employs hundreds of workers at any given time but especially during the busy summer vacation season.

If no jobs are available when you’re looking to apply, check back during the summer. An amusement park necessarily hires significantly more people during the busy summer months than any other time. With children getting a lot of time off and the weather being simply fantastic for visiting a place like Happy Hollow, it’s simply the best time to put in your Happy Hollow application form.

Most Common Positions At Happy Hollow & Income Information

The most common positions at Happy Hollow are the Admissions Associate, Games Associate, Food Service Associate, and the Security Officer.

Admissions associates are the individuals who work with both incoming and outgoing guests, distribute tickets, work with cash and credit cards and, of course, sit in that lovely little booth near the entrances.

Games associates work with the games across the park and make sure everything is in working order. If it breaks down, it’s not their job to fix it- that responsibility goes to the maintenance workers and possibly to a subcontractor from the distributor of the machine. Games associates must also monitor their areas and help guests with any mechanical problems, including giving refunds.

Food service associates works the grills and snack bars across the park and make sure that the guests are starving in the park. Feeding one’s guests salty, sugary food is a great way to make sure everybody’s happy, especially the children. Who doesn’t love some good junk food?

Security officers work in two places: at the entrances of the park, and across the park in general. The second one isn’t a “place” per se, but is where the majority of security officers will work. Its up to them to make sure that the theme park is safe and sound, and to project their aura of security and safety to all park guests.

Happy Hollow’s entry level workers generally make slightly above minimum wage, although this varies greatly by job title.

Happy Hollow Benefits

Happy Hollow’s employees benefit from good wages and experienced and long term employees may benefit from medical and dental benefits.

To visit Happy Hollow’s website click here.

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