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Herschend Job Application Online

Herschend’s online job application form for employment is the only way to apply for a job with the company.

Herschend Jobs Available  

Herschend jobs include –  Ticket Sales Agent, Maintenance Worker, Food and Beverage Associate, Ground Pick Up Associate, Ride Operator, Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Herschend:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Herschend

Herschend Store Hours

Herschend is open seasonally.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Herschend

Going back to 1950, Hugo and Mary Herschend began selling tickets to visit Marvel Cave near Brandon Missouri. It was pretty successful, so they opened Silver Dollar City on top of the site, and slowly began building an amusement park. The company continued to grow until it incorporated into Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation in 2003.

Additionally, they expanded by creating a water park in 1980 named White Water. Today, Herschend Family Entertainment operated multiple theme parks and water resorts and is continuing to grow at an outstanding pace.

If you want in on the action or just think that having a job at an amusement park would be a great summer job, fill out your Herschel job application form today and see!

Most Common Positions At Herschend & Income Information

The most common positions at Herschend are the Maintenance Worker, Ride Operator, and Food and Beverage Associate.

Ride Operators are trained to work the rides of the park and are one of the most essential and unappreciated workers in the park. While most guests come there to see the rides, few know that the proper operation of the ride comes from the operator’s knowledge of the ride and from their understanding of what makes the ride fun. They control nearly everything about the ride, although the company has regulations and restrictions on how the ride may be operated.

Maintenance workers are the employees whose job it is to make sure everything is working exactly as it should. They’re the ones who fix up everything and ensure quality replacements and repairs are made. They can be asked to do nearly anything, so being a quick learner and able to learn while working is absolutely essential. Maintenance workers typically work behind the scenes or on broken down equipment and are seldom noticed by guests. Maintenance workers should live by the “measure once, cut twice” philosophy to make sure everything works perfectly the first time. They do not have to interact with guests.

Food and beverage associates, on the other hand, are always interacting with guests. They should be courteous, upbeat, and able to create food to the Herschend’s standard each and every time. They should have an attention to detail and an ability to work under nearly any circumstance.

Herschend’s employees usually start out at or near minimum wage, although this may be higher depending on position and experience.

Herschend Benefits

Part time or seasonal workers get a good starting pay, and full time workers get salary benefits, medical benefits, and even more.

To visit Herschend’s website click here.

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