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Knott’s Berry Farm Application – Apply Online At Knott’s Berry Farm Today

Knott’s Berry Farm Job Application Online

Knott’s Berry Farm’s job application form is available to be printed out and handed in to the location of your choice. Fill out your Knott’s Berry farm application today!

Knott’s Berry Farm Jobs Available 

Knott’s Berry Farm jobs include –  Ticket Sales Agent, Sales Clerk, Games Attendant, Park Admissions Attendant, Park Service Attendant, Ride Operator, Ride Technician, Groundskeeper, Food and Beverage Associate, Ride Maintenance Mechanic, Housekeeper, Front Desk Associate, Maintenance Technician, Bellman, Driver, Assistant Park and Hotel Manager, General Park and Hotel Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Knott’s Berry Farm:

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm Store Hours

Knott’s Berry Farm is open from 10am to 10pm every day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Knott’s Berry Farm

As the oldest themed amusement park in the United States, Knott’s Berry Farm started in 1920 by a farmer by the name of Walter Knott. First selling berries, homemade preservatives and pies from a roadside stand, Knott parlayed his financial gain into greater prominence. His income went directly towards augmenting his property, adding a restaurant, shops, and stores onto his property in ten short years. By 1940 the location was turned into Ghost Town, a Western-themed attraction. It kept growing to the prominence and size it is today.

Currently operated by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, parks under the Cedar Fair leadership attract over three million visitors each and every year. With that level of success, it’s no wonder Knott’s Berry Farm is continuously looking to hire new workers each and every day. Print out and hand in your Knott’s Berry Farm job application today and get yourself involved in a fast-growing company.

Most Common Positions At Knott’s Berry Farm & Income Information

The most common positions at Knott’s Berry Farm are the Games Attendant, Ride Operator, and Food and Beverage Associate.

Games attendants look after the games areas and make sure that the games themselves are well taken care of. They should clean and monitor their area and make sure that the guests aren’t destroying Knott’s property or making the area disgusting for other guests. Games attendants must also know how to work the machines and fix common problems that do not require a trained maintenance worker.

Ride operators make sure that the guests are having a good time by controlling the operation of the rides themselves. This includes reading off the script to the guests, knowing the training material for the ride being operated, and ensuring that safety at all times is being followed as much as possible.

Food and beverage associates are responsible for  the food and drinks of the park, respectively. They should be able to consistently make delicious food to the standards set by the company, and should be able to work quickly and attentively no matter what. Food and beverage associates must also be sure to keep their areas as clean as possible at all times, and should be able to cook and clean quickly and proficiently.

Most entry level positions at Knott’s Berry Farm are paid $7.25 per hour.

Knott’s Berry Farm Benefits

Seasonal and part time workers at Knott’s Berry Farm receive good pay and hours. Full time workers may receive a salary option and possibly health benefits.

To visit Knott’s Berry Farm’s website click here.

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