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Los Angeles Zoo Application – Apply Online At Los Angeles Zoo Today

Los Angeles Zoo Job Application Online

The Los Angeles Zoo online job application is the best way to seek employment.

Los Angeles Zoo Jobs Available 

Los Angeles Zoo jobs include –  Sales Associate, Ticket Sales Agent, Guest Service Representative, Maintenance Technician, Groundskeeper, Food and Beverages Associate, Assistant Curator, Curator, Animal Keeper, Animal Trainer

Minimum Employment Age At Los Angeles Zoo:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo Store Hours

Los Angeles Zoo is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo application form for employment is your best way to get a job working with animals while making a competitive base wage. Fill out your Los Angeles Zoo job application online today and find your dream job. Created in 1996 as an animal conservation project. One of the most poular zoos in California, the site draws over two million visitors each and every year and with over 250 different species of animals and 800 species of plants, it’s not hard to see why. If you have a passion for the natural world, put in your Los Angeles Zoo job application today and be a part of something great.

Most Common Positions At Los Angeles Zoo & Income Information

The most common positions are Groundskeeper, Animal Keeper, Food and Beverage Associate.

Food and beverage associates are responsible for running the kiosks and other food and drink selling locations throughout the zoo. Their jobs are to provide quality service to the guests of the zoo and ensure they receive their food with a minimum of fuss. Most of the food and beverages are typical amusement park style faire, and do not require any particularly special training or specialization to perform. Associates will be expected to work quickly and efficiently and to keep their working areas clean and looking presentable.

Animal keepers have the really interesting job at the zoo. They work with the animal trainers and help keep the animal’s locations clean and neat. They also take care of, feed, and groom the animals to make sure that they’re looking and feeling their best. Since the zoo is an animal conservatory first and a tourist location second, the health and well-being of the animals present at the location is of the utmost importance.

Groundskeepers are a combination of landscaper and janitor, responsible for making the park’s grounds appear pleasing and attractive. Groundskeepers should enjoy working with their hands and have a bit of a green thumb, as well as being able to make rudimentary repairs and do a bit of cleaning. Groundskeepers are responsible for the appearance of the entire zoo, and have a large responsibility on their shoulders. As a consequence, they should be motivated and driven to do the best job possible.

Entry-level workers at the Los Angeles Zoo often make minimum wage, of $7.25 an hour. Trained professionals, such as many animal keepers, may make a yearly salary instead of an hourly wage.

Los Angeles Zoo Benefits

Part time workers benefit from good pay and strong hours. Full time workers may receive a yearly salary, medical benefits, and insurance!

To visit Los Angeles Zoo’s website click here.

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