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Merlin Entertainments Job Application Online

Merlin Entertainments’s online job application form for employment is the only way to seek employment with this magical company.

Merlin Entertainments Jobs Available 

Merlin Entertainments jobs include –  Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Admissions Associate, Guest Services Associate, Catering Coordinator, Catering Manager, Customer Service Representative, Account Executive, Staff Accountant, Food and Beverage Associate, Front of House Manager, Groundskeeper, Receptionist, Maintenance Technician, Merchandising Manager, Park Ranger, Model Animation Resetter, Stockroom Associate, Trade Sales Coordinator, Entertainment Technician, Photo Team Leader, Porter, Usher, Operations Associate, Finance Manager, Wardrobe Supervisor, Business Support Manager, Cash Control Associate, Lifeguard, Reservations Associate, Water Quality Technician, Performer, Character, Costumer, Guest Experience Host

Minimum Employment Age At Merlin Entertainments:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Merlin Entertainments

Merlin Entertainments Store Hours

Merlin Entertainments’s hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Merlin Entertainments

Founded in 1999 by Vardon Attractions PLC, the company currently runs Merlin theme parks, Legoland theme parks, Sea Life attractions, and Madame Tussaud’s wax museums. They currently employ nearly 13,000 workers on its staff. If you’ve got a fascination with entertainment and fancy working at an amusement park location, fill out a Merlin Entertainments application today and find a bewitching new job today!

Most Common Positions At Merlin Entertainments & Income Information

Although it’s hard to tell what the most common positions are for a company that spreads its labor across dozens of entertainment locations, in general, the most common entry-level positions at Merlin Entertainments are the Sales Associate, Food and Beverage Associate, and Receptionist.

Sales associates are responsible for running the small retail locations that are typically found somewhere inside a Merlin Entertainments location. Typically offering small snacks as well as souvenirs and gifts, sales associates must always be able to greet their guests with a smile and a cheerful disposition.

Food and beverage associates run the kiosks throughout the amusement park locations and often offer themed dishes for the guests to consume. Whether the associate works in a small kiosk or a larger theme restaurant location, the associate must always serve the absolute best food they possibly can to as many guests as possible.

Receptionists work in the corporate offices and are part assistant, part guest handler, and part phone center operator. Their jobs include sorting and managing correspondence, arranging and managing meetings with both supervisors and employees, and any other tasks their boss might require. They typically are compensated generously for their time, and get to work in a nice air-conditioned office.

Most entry-level employees at Merlin Entertainments are offered a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, although this starting pay can vary depending on location, job title, and previous experience. In addition, most full-time positions are offered a salary instead of an hourly wage.

Merlin Entertainments Benefits

Employees at Merlin Entertainments may benefit from a strong starting pay scale, paid time off, vacation time, sick days, and more, depending on time in position, job title, and experience. Fill out your Merlin Entertainments job application today and find out what magical benefits this illustrious company can bring to you!

To visit Merlin Entertainments’s website click here.

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