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Palace Entertainment Job Application Online

Fill out a Palace Entertainment online job application for employment today to seek employment with this company.

Palace Entertainment Jobs Available 

Palace Entertainment jobs include –  Sales Associate, Admissions Associate, Guest Services Associate, Ride Operator, Ride Technician, Food and Beverage Associate, Groundskeeper, Maintenance Technician, Security Officer, Assistant Park Manager, General Park Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Palace Entertainment:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment Store Hours

Palace Entertainment’s hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment job application forms are quick and easy to fill out. Fill out your Palance Entertainment application as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on the perfect job for you.

First opened in 1998, Palace Entertainment has spread like wildfire. Today the company owns 8 theme parks, 21 family centers, and 11 water parks across the United States. Parks owned or maintained by Palace Entertainment include Dutch Wonderland, Idlewild, Storyland, Waterworld, Splish Splash, Mountain Creek Waterpark, Raging Waters, and Kennywood. With this many properties to manage or maintain, it’s no wonder that Palace Entertainment is so aggressively hiring. Submit your Palace Entertainment application immediately.

Most Common Positions At Palace Entertainment & Income Information

The most common positions, in general, are the sales associate, guest services associate, and security officer.

Sales associate postions are much like any other sales associate position, in that you’ll be working directly with customers and facilitating purchases. It’s up to you to make sure that your customers are as happy as possible, so do your best to make sure that the customers are able to purchase what they desire with a minumum of fuss. Most sales associates at Palace Entertainent work kiosks or souvenir and gift shops, meaning that they’ll be selling knickknacks to tourists for the majority of their job.

Guest service associates are the associates that are responsible for the general well-being of guests. Their jobs are as varied as the guests that come through the door. It’s hard to be able to tell in advance exactly what’s going to happen that day, and a good guest service associate will relish the personal challenge and excitement that comes from such an endeavor. They should be outgoing, enthusiastic, and easy to get along with. They should be naturally positive, and able to handle even the most difficult customers with ease.

Security officers are responsible for the safety of all theme park guests and associates. Although security officers do not typically carry firearms, they certainly are in close conjunction with local law enforcement officials. Security officers’ main jobs are to deter criminals, make park guests feel safe, and maintain a watchful eye over employees and guests.

Most starting entry level employees at Palace Entertainment positions will receive compensation in the form of minimum wage, of $7.25 per hour as set by the federal government.

Palace Entertainment Benefits

Palace Entertainment employees may receive paid sick leave, good base pay, paid vacation time, disability coverage, a 401(k) retirement plan, and even more. Apply for your Palace Entertainment job application today and find out personally.

To visit Palace Entertainment’s website click here.

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