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San Diego Zoo Job Application Online

San Diego Zoo’s online job application form is the single best way to get in contact with the zoo’s hiring managers.

San Diego Zoo Jobs Available 

San Diego Zoo jobs include – Admissions Agent, Food Service Clerk, Merchandise Sales Clerk, Park Aide, Pricing Clerk, Educator Guide, Gardener, Researcher, Animal Keeper, Security Officer, Assistant Zoo Manager, General Zoo Manager, Landscaper, Groundskeeper, Sanitation

Minimum Employment Age At San Diego Zoo:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Store Hours

San Diego Zoo is open every day from 9am to 9pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With San Diego Zoo

Created in 1916, the San Diego Zoo is a not-for-profit amusement park zoo that attracts over three million visitors each year. It currently maintains over 800 different species of animals and has the largest membership rate of any zoological association in the world. As a leading zoological park, it maintains a zoo, safari park, and a research institute focusing on the reproduction and protection of animals, plants, and natural habitats.

If you’re interested in working for this historic and beautiful zoo and research center, fill out your San Diego Zoo application online and find your place in its organization.

Most Common Positions At San Diego Zoo & Income Information

The most common positions at San Diego Zoo are the food service clerk, gardener, merchandise sales clerk.

Food service clerks are responsible for the food and drinks of the guests. It sounds simple, and it can be. A lot of the food served at the San Diego Zoo is the typical park fare, such as cotton candy or large soft pretzels that don’t take much preparation in advance to cook. In those cases, a larger part of your job will be customer service. You should be friendly, entertaining, and outgoing to all guests, and have an outstanding attitude. Food service clerks should be able to stand on their feet for up to an eight hour shift, and be able to work efficiently and quickly in all conditions.

Gardeners are the employees who help maintain the grounds of the zoo, research center, and the safari, as well as the enclosures of the animals. They must ensure that all the animals are provided with a living environment that matches the environment they would most prefer in real life, so that the skills and abilities of the gardeners are put to their utmost in creating what should be a fantastic facsimile of the natural environment of the animal.

Merchandise sales clerks sell souvenirs, knick-knacks, and small gifts that the guests find at the merchandise shops across the zoo. Most of the merchandise clerk’s duties pertain to stocking, cleaning the store, and making sure everything is organized, neat and clean. Having a good eye for detail and the ability to work with customers from all walks of life with a cheerful disposition and a good attitude is key.

Most starting workers at the San Diego Zoo are compensated with minimum wage, although many starting workers can get a higher starting pay, depending on job title.

San Diego Zoo Benefits

Employees at the San Diego Zoo receive an excellent promotion potential, health care benefits, paid time off, and a retirement plan.

To visit San Diego Zoo’s website click here.

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