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San Francisco Zoo Application – Apply Online At San Francisco Zoo Today

San Francisco Zoo Jobs Available 

San Francisco Zoo jobs include –  Sales Associate, Ticket Sales Agent, Guest Service Representative, Maintenance Technician, Groundskeeper, Food and Beverages Associate, Assistant Curator, Curator, Animal Keeper, Animal Trainer

Minimum Employment Age At San Francisco Zoo:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo Store Hours

San Francisco Zoo is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo was founded in 1929 with just a few animals and has grown over the years to become one of the most popular and well-maintained zoos in the country. With over 240 species of animals from around the world, the zoo is an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. As much as it’s grown over the years, it’s still growing fast, so fill out your San Francisco Zoo application online today and find a place with this dynamic company.

If you’ve always dreamed of working with or around animals and people who love them, use the San Francisco Zoo’s online job application form to find employment with this dynamic family-oriented zoo and amusement park today.

Most Common Positions At San Francisco Zoo & Income Information

The most common positions at the San Francisco Zoo are the sales associate, animal keeper, and grounds keeper.

Groundskeepers must maintain and improve the physical location of the zoo every day they can. Whether it be planting new growths, pruning trees, trimming bushes, or just mowing the animals’ enclosures, groundskeepers do their best to make sure the animals are comfortable in a location that closely matches their native habitats. An animal in comfortable surroundings is a happy animals, and happy animals are beautiful and easy to maintain by the animal keepers and animal trainers. Groundskeepers should be able to work either by themselves or in a group, and should be hard working and driven to succeed.

Animal keepers do not directly train the animals, but they do ensure that the exhibits are well maintained, attractive, and content. Animal keepers often work closely with groundskeepers and animal trainers in making sure that the animals receive everything they need to continue to be strong and healthy, and often are instrumental in the breeding programs for the animals. In addition, animal keepers should be subject matter experts in every animal they keep, as they are highly visible and will find themselves answering questions whenever guests are around. They should be personable, fast-learning, and friendly as well as hard working with an eye to detail.

Sales associates work the souvenir kiosks and gift shops, and provide a retail-like environment where customers and guests can find what they’re looking for to remember where they’ve been. Sales associates should be friendly and enthusiastic when working with customers, and detail oriented and neat when working with merchandise. Sales associates should be clean, neat, and able to lift and move the merchandise boxes that could weigh up to 50lbs.

San Francisco Zoo’s entry level employees often make minimum wage when they start working, but have excellent growth potential and may quickly receive a pay raise.

San Francisco Zoo Benefits

Employees receive a variety of benefits, including good starting pay, promotion and pay raise opportunities, paid time off, vacation days, overtime pay, and more depending on job title and time in position.

To visit San Francisco Zoo’s website click here.

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