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Sea Life Job Application Online

To seek employment with this attractive career, fill out a Sea Life online job application form using Sea Life’s application website.

Sea Life Jobs Available 

Sea Life jobs include – Ticket Sales Agent, Food and Beverage Associate, Maintenance Technician, Groundskeeper, Marketing Executive, Operations Manager, Commercial Manager, Operations Sales Assistant, Operations Assistant, Photographer, Reservation Associate, Cash Vault Supervisor, Assistant Controller, Model Shop Supervisor, Aquarist, Receptionist, Admissions Supervisor, Park Ranger, Customer Service Associate, Finance Clerk, IT Service Desk Analyst, IT Support Analyst, Retail Sales Associate

Minimum Employment Age At Sea Life:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Sea Life

Sea Life Store Hours

Sea Life is open every day from 1030am to 5pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sea Life

As a division of Merline Entertainments, the second largest amusement park operating company in the world, Sea Life and other Merlin Entertainment parks attract nearly 40 million guests each year at their attractions. With twenty-six Sea Life locations across the world, both the Sea Life chain and Merlin Entertainments are growing at an astonishing rate. Fill out your Sea Life online application today and be a part of this fun life experience.

Most Common Positions At Sea Life & Income Information

Sea Life employees are required to perform many customer service positions as well as aquatic theme park specific jobs. The most common positions at Sea Life, therefore, are the very customer service oriented positions of the ticket sales agent, food and beverage associate, and operations assistant.

Ticket sales agents hand out tickets to customers, work a cash register, and perform any other customer service tasks they may be required to do. It’s not a complex job- most of the difficulty comes when guests come to ask questions about future exhibits, directions, or special deals. For the most part, it’s a fairly direct process. Customers hand you their money or credit cards, you press some buttons, and transmute their money into a ticket to see some truly awesome aquatic wonders.

Food and beverage associates work in the food and drink kiosks as well as the signature restaurant styled locations in a cafeteria setting. These associates are called upon to consistently create quality food day in and day out. It’s not dissimilar to working in a more traditional restaurant experience. Workers must be able to work according to a specific recipe and create consistently excellent products with a minimum of oversight, waste, and mess.

Operations assistants are a fairly common managerial position that requires a strong background in leadership and management procedures. As the name might imply, the actual duties of an operations manager vary greatly depending on the operations being undertaken, and they wear many, many different hats. Prior experience in an aquatic theme park or aquarium is essential, as is prior management experience.

Entry level Sea Life employees make minimum wage, which is set by the federal governmental $7.25 hourly. Supervisors and managers often make a negotiable yearly salary.

Sea Life Benefits

Employees working for Sea Life may benefit from strong starting pay, competitive hours, strong salary options, life insurance, medical benefits, and more. Fill out a Sea Life job application form online and see what kind of benefits your experience and knowledge brings you.

To visit Sea Life’s website click here.

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