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Universal Studios Application – Apply Online At Universal Studios Today

Universal Studios Job Application Online

Since Universal Studios does not provide a printable job application form, you must use the  Universal Studios online job application form for employment.

Universal Studios Jobs Available 

Universal Studios jobs include –  Ticket Sales, Food and Beverage Associate, Maintenance, Groudskeeper, Ride Operator

Minimum Employment Age At Universal Studios:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Store Hours

Universal Studios’ hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Universal Studios

First founded in 1912, Universal Studios is one of the oldest American movie studios still producing films. Besides making some of the world’s great film treasures, Universal Studios also operates three theme park locations in Orland, Hollywood, and Osaka, Japan with plans to create more theme parks in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

With the theme parks generating more than $100 million each and every year in revenue, Universal Studios employs thousands of workers in each of its locations. With strong expansion plans and renovations to its parks as a constant feature, Universal Studios is hiring dedicated and enthusiastic workers as we speak. Submit your Universal Studios online application today and be a part of one of the largest companies in the world!

Most Common Positions At Universal Studios & Income Information

The most common entry-level positions at Universal Studios are Ticket Sales, Food and Beverage Associate, and Ride Operator.

Ride operators have it pretty easy- they just make sure that the rides work more or less as they’re supposed to. Ride operators should know the safety regulations back and front, as well as any individual information that the particular ride they’re operating requires. Ride operators will likely have both a chance to specialize on a particular ride as well as generalize their abilities to multiple rides, depending on the time of year and the availability of other workers.

Ticket sales associates are responsible for handling potentially large amounts of cash responsibly and having a fantastic attitude towards customers. Customer service is the order of the day, and should be the motto of every ticket handling employee. A positive attitude is essential, and the mental fortitude to handle the busiest of days with a smile and a kind word is what it takes to really get noticed. Good ticket sales associates create the correct environment to the park from the moment guests receive their ticket.

Food and beverage associates work in either kiosk or an established restaurant on the park grounds. Their job changes a little depending on where, exactly, they’re at. Working at a kiosk means that the food and beverages you provide are largely quick-serving fast food or a drink in a big, branded, colorful souvenir cup. Working inside of a restaurant, you’ll be responsible for actually creating food and it’s a little more demanding on your personal abilities. You’ll have to work up to the standards set by the company and the customers, with minimal supervision and as fast as you can while still preserving quality.

Universal Studios workers typically make $7.25 an hour for entry-level work. Supervisors and managers typically make a higher starting salary, and may additionally have additional benefits depending on job title.

Universal Studios Benefits

Universal Studios employees may benefit from a competitive pay scale, sick days, vacation time, medical, dental, and vision plans, retirement assistance, and possibly more. Fill out a Universal Studios application today and find out yourself!

To visit Universal Studios’s website click here.

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