Casino Jobs

Casino jobs can provide an exciting career for the individual who likes an exciting and entertaining work environment.  The casino is ideal for an active person who likes to work with people, knows how to think on their feet and remain cool under pressure.  Similar to the hotel and restaurant employees, casino professionals know how to be diplomatic with guests while maintain order in a potentially explosive environment. Casinos are prehaps the most exciting jobs in the hospitality industry.

A casino job has an additional element of excitement with its high rollers, one armed bandits and other gambling games of chance.   Bells and whistles clang.  Guests may win big – or lose.  This extra element of risk and excitement lends itself to having talented people who know how to keep a hot customer cool.  These professionals know how to talk with anyone, including someone who may have suffered a romantic breakup or have unexpectedly lost of a large sum of money.

From the moment you walk in the door, is easy to see that there is a long list of work opportunities in this field.  Parking lot attendants, front desk receptionists, hosts, hostesses, waiters, waitresses, servers, stockers, cooks, cook assistants, specialty chefs, security guards, taxi and limo driving services, outdoor lawn maintenance, reservation managers, entertainment managers, secretaries, accountants, auditors, camera surveillance, housekeepers, porters, human resources administrators, and the list goes on and on.

Casino jobs are unique because they are never commonplace.  Top entertainers often come to large casinos, and the employees often enjoy the work as much as the visitors do.  Those who work on the floor in this industry take part in the action.  The dealer is paid to play poker with the guests – where else can you get paid to play – and with the casino’s money!

Only a few cities in the U.S. offer legalized gambling, but many states are soon to follow.  The number one city for gambling is Las Vegas, followed by Atlantic City and Chicago.

Las Vegas casino jobs are particularly well organized and professional.  A  multi-billion dollar industry, casino employees are highly focused on the security and safeguarding of monies and other assets.  In recent years, new hotels have begun placing camera surveillance on nearly every gaming table to quickly identify those who know how to beat the house.  With three working shifts, a large workforce is always needed.

A casino is a place where time stands still.  Did you notice there are no clocks or windows in casinos?  The guest is there to relax and enjoy, and distractions are not allowed.  Fresh oxygen is often pumped into the gaming room to help guests feel fresh and alert. The temperature is ideally regulated.  In many ways, a casino is a type of perfect world.  When you are thirsty, someone brings you a drink.  If you look lost, someone will ask what you need.  Casinos are customer based to the extreme.  The longer a customer spends in a casino, the more likely he or she will spend more money.

Work conditions in a casino are also close to perfect.  Most shifts offer free meals and free uniforms, sometimes with an in-house cleaning service.  Work shifts are regulated with paid overtime and higher salaries for night shifts. If this sounds interesting, start applying for casino jobs today!

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