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Harrah’s Casinos Application – Apply Online At Harrah’s Casinos Today

Harrah’s Casinos Job Application Online

Harrah’s Casinos is a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, one of the largest gambling and entertainment companies in the world. Harrah’s has numerous casino locations in some of the most premium gambling destinations in the United States, boasting casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, New Orleans and Atlantic City, to name but a few.

Harrah’s is always looking to hire entry level and qualified workers to staff the casino, hotel and restaurants at all of their locations. If you would like to work at Harrah’s, you can complete a Harrah’s Casinos online application for employment at the Harrah’s Human Resources website. The Harrah’s Casinos job application form can be downloaded and completed in your own time, without even having to travel to the location you are wanting to work at.

Harrah’s Casinos Jobs Available

There are a wide variety of positions that can be applied for using the Harrah’s Casinos online application. These include:

Casino Team Member, Body Artist, Card Dealer, Cabana Host, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeper, Cleaning Specialist, Staff Accountant, General Casino Manager, Assistant Casino Manager, Lifeguard, Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, Bartender, Sales Associate, Table Games Supervisor, Security Officer, Cage Cashier, Project Manager, Internal Auditor, Analyst

Minimum Employment Age At Harrah’s Casinos:

You must be at least 21 years old to work at Harrah’s Casinos.

Harrah’s Casinos Store Hours

All Harrah’s locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Harrah’s Casinos

The Harrah’s Casinos job application process will be the first step that you will take towards gaining a fantastic new career in one of America’s largest casino chains, and therefore it is imperative that you complete the application forms and interview process thoroughly.

The first step in your Harrah’s Casinos application is to access the Harrah’s Human Resources website and browse available job openings – at certain locations, they may not be hiring for all of the positions listed above. Once you have found the job you are interested in, it is time to download the Harrah’s Casinos application form. Be sure to take your time when completing this form, as it plays a crucial role in determining whether or not you will be hired.

Once you have submitted your application form online, all you can do is wait – hopefully you will receive a phone call shortly inviting you to come in for an interview.

Most Common Positions At Harrah’s Casinos & Income Information

Security Officer:         $21, 000 / year

Staff Accountant:       $49, 000 / year

Cage Cashier: $22, 000 / year

Project Manager:         $85, 000 / year

Auditor:          $56, 000 / year

Dealer:             $40, 000 / year

Harrah’s Casinos Benefits

Working at Harrah’s Casinos comes with a wide range of fantastic employee benefits. All workers are able to take advantage of great base pay, flexible working shifts and employee discounts, while those in professional positions may have access to further benefits such as medical insurance, life insurance options, 401(k) retirement savings plan and employee discounts.

To visit Harrah’s Casinos website click here.

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