Carnival Cruise Lines Application

Carnival Cruise Lines Application – Apply Online At Carnival Cruise Lines Today

Carnival Cruise Lines Job Application Online

The Carnival Cruise Lines online application for employment allows all those interested in a career in the cruise line industry to apply for a job at a well known cruise line company without even leaving the comfort of their own home. By accessing the Carnival Cruise Lines job application form on the Carnival Careers website, you will be just a click away from an exciting new career that will take you across the world.

Carnival Cruise Lines is a Miami-based company operated by Carnival Corporation, a company that owns a number of other cruise liners such as Holland America, Princess Cruises and AIDA Cruises. The company was founded in 1972, and has grown into one of the largest cruise line companies in the US. Currently Carnival owns 22 ships, most decorated in a Las Vegas style theme to add to the fun of the cruise experience.

Carnival Cruise Lines Jobs Available

The Carnival Cruise Lines online application offers a world of possibilities for job seekers, whether you are looking for an entry level job with no real experience or qualifications necessary, or are more qualified for a serious nautical career. Job positions available include:

Destination Shopping Specialist, Crew Member, Entertainer, Casino Associate, Gift Shop Sales Associate, Fitness Attendant, Spa Attendant, Beauty Attendant, Accountant, Photographer, Administrative Assistant, Financial Analyst, Support Services, Advertising and Marketing Manager, Human Resources Associate, Customer Service Representative, Call Centre Representative.

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, or just want to find out more about what it entails to work on a cruise ship, then you can access the Carnival Cruise Lines job application online right now.

Minimum Employment Age At Carnival Cruise Lines:

You must be at least 21 years old to work on a Carnival Cruise Liner.

Carnival Cruise Lines Store Hours

Operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Carnival Cruise Lines

When completing the Carnival Cruise Lines application form, always make sure that you have done so thoroughly and completing, taking care to not leave out any crucial information and checking for spelling and grammar errors. Nothing can turn a potential employer off more quickly than an applicant who does not appear to take pride in their application, so make sure your application looks professional.

It is always useful to attach a resume or a cover letter with a motivational statement to your Carnival Cruise Lines application – it will show your employer that you are really eager for the job, and can provide them with further information as to why this career is perfectly suited to you.

Most Common Positions At Carnival Cruise Lines & Income Information

Following are some careers offered at Carnival Cruise Lines, along with their average yearly salaries:

Personal Vacation Planner: $43, 000 / year

Cruise Vacation Specialist: $31, 000 / year

Slot Technician: $20, 000 / year

Embarkation Representative: $39, 000 / year

Administrative Assistant: $28, 000 / year

Cruise Director: $63, 000 / year

Carnival Cruise Lines Benefits

Employees at Carnival Cruise Lines have access to a generous benefits package. Eligible associates will receive life insurance policies, healthcare insurance, a 401k retirement savings plan, paid accommodation and food while on the cruise liner, and discounts on cruises for staff and family members.

To take advantage of these benefits and much, much more, visit the Carnival Cruise Lines careers website today!

To visit Carnival Cruise Lines’s website click here.

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