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Celebrity Cruises Application – Apply Online At Celebrity Cruises Today

Celebrity Cruises Job Application Online

The Celebrity Cruises online application for employment is available at the Celebrity Cruises job website, meaning that an exciting new career path in the cruise line industry could be simply a mouse click away! If you are a job seeker and want a well paying job with great benefits and travel, then you should consider downloading the Celebrity Cruises job application form.

Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line company that operates from its headquarters in Miami, Florida. They offer luxury cruises to destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermuda and the Galapagos. If you would like to be able to travel to these exotic destinations, while doing a job that you love, then apply online today using the Celebrity Cruises online application.

Celebrity Cruises Jobs Available

Celebrity Cruises offers a wide range of job positions, suitable for both entry level applicants and those with more experience. Positions available include:

Entertainer, Crew Member, Guest Relations Associate, Food and Beverage Worker, Housekeeper, Hotel Manager, Kitchen Help, Bartender, Training and Development Manager, Human Resources Manager, Chef, Sous Chef, Environmental Officer, Assistant Cook, Apprentice Deck Officer, Butler, Assistant Cook, Baker, Head Baker, Food and Beverage Administrative Assistant, Deck Supervisor, Security Officer, International Host/Hostess, Nurse, Sommelier, Cruise Director, Shore Excursions Port and Shipping Lecturer.

If any of these job positions could be your next career move, then make yourself available for employment by completing the Celebrity Cruises application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Celebrity Cruises:

You have to be at least 21 years old to apply for a job at Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises Store Hours

Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Celebrity Cruises

Working on a cruise ship is a great opportunity for job seekers to gain invaluable work experience, meet interesting people, travel and the world and of course make money! As a result, cruise ship jobs are highly desired, and you need to make yourself stand out as the best applicant in order to get hired.

When completing your Celebrity Cruises job application online, you should take time to read the application form through carefully so you have a good understanding of what information is expected of you. Then make sure that you complete the entire form thoroughly, without leaving out any fields. Always take your time when completing a job application – the extra effort that you put into you Celebrity Cruises application will show, and a few minutes of your time could lead to a lifelong career at sea.

Most Common Positions At Celebrity Cruises & Income Information

Following are the average salaries for some popular positions at Celebrity Cruises:

Cook: $11.50 / hour

 Chief Housekeeper: $32, 000 / year

Celebrity Cruises Benefits

Working on a Celebrity Cruises ship is a fantastic job opportunity – apart from competitive salaries and the chance to visit exotic destinations, the company offers its employees some spectacular benefits. First off, your food and accommodation while on the ship is fully provided, meaning that you will be able to save most of the money that you earn. In addition, top class medical and fitness facilities are available on the ship for the use of both the passengers and the staff members, meaning that your well-being will be well taken care of. Employees in eligible positions may also receive a 401k retirement savings plan and life insurance options.

To visit Celebrity Cruises’s website click here.

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