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Even in a time of economic slow-down, one industry that remains in demand is the hotel industry.  People still need to travel for business, many people are still traveling for pleasure, and everyone who’s traveling needs a place to stay.  Hotel jobs have the advantage of being part of a business that remains robust even when other areas of commerce are on shakier ground.  For as long as people need to travel away from home, jobs in the hotel industry will stay secure.  If you can bring to the job a pleasant demeanor and the ability to make people feel at home when they’re away at home, you’re a likely candidate for the wide variety of jobs to be found in any operating hotel.

The realm of hotel jobs has the advantage of offering a variety of different job-types, so whatever your previous experience or training, there’s sure to be a hotel position that will be a fit for you.  Types of available jobs might include hotel and grounds maintenance (with responsibilities that might range from outdoor landscaping to swimming-pool maintenance, to indoor maintenance of items like plumbing or electricity), hotel housekeeping or laundry services, information services (handling reservations or hotel correspondence), accounting and financial services, marketing and advertising, website management, cooking and food-service, hospitality and customer-service jobs, and other possible jobs.

Prior experience in any one of a number of different jobs can stand you in good stead to apply for a similar job within the hotel industry.  Most hotels also provide training for employees, so you can secure a job simply by showing yourself to be capable, pleasant, and willing to learn—and the hotel will train you in the specific skills needed for the job.  Once you begin with a job in the hotel, you’ll have the inside track on all sorts of job opportunities as they come open.  You could choose to move from one area of hotel operations to another, or move upward with experience and training toward a managerial position.

Hotel jobs give an employee room to grow professionally, as the different areas of any hotel’s operation also need managers to oversee staff and operations.  You might be qualified already to begin at a management-level position, but if you don’t yet have the necessary experience, you can begin with a specialized job, take advantage of training opportunities offered by the hotel company, and grow in your skills and experience until you’re viable for management-level positions.  Many companies, in fact, prefer to “grow their own” management-team, ensuring that the folks in the supervisory positions have a depth of experience with the hotel, and have demonstrated motivation and desire to learn while on the job with that company.

Hotel jobs come with numerous benefits, generally including discounted stays (and/or meals) for employees when they visit other hotels in the same chain.  Whether you hope to do some traveling yourself, or even just want an inexpensive way to house visiting friends or relatives to your own hometown, the hotel discount can be a great boon.  If the hotel where you work also includes a dining facility, the eating discount gives you a great way to entertain away from home, or to travel inexpensively.  Because hotels operate around the clock, a job with a hotel also means you’ll have options when it comes to scheduling flexibility; you can request shifts that work around a school or family schedule or obligations.  In addition, you’ll enjoy the direct employee benefits, which (depending on the individual hotel’s employee policies and an individual employee’s qualification) may include health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, vacation and personal days with pay, and retirement plans.  Add these tangible benefits to the advantages of a steady and secure income and the variety of job-openings available within any hotel, and you’ll realize there’s no reason not to apply.

In fact, a decision to apply in the hotel industry means you have a wide variety of options for applications.  With so many hotels operating in every town, there is an abundance of opportunity; you can paper the town with applications and land yourself a great job at one of the hotels near you.  Even when the economy has narrowed job-opportunities in some areas of business, the hotel industry is a gold-mine of opportunities for potential job applicants.

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