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Bartell Hotels Job Application Online

Bartell Hotels are a group of high class San Diego hotels catering to those who would like to enjoy the beaches, the attractions like SeaWorld and fantastic dining and vacation opportunities.  Among the seven locations, the group boasts five restaurants, a pair of marinas, and the renowned Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, featuring live music in a classy environment. The seven individual hotels have won an astounding number of awards among them, including a number of recognitions of the group’s dedication to environmentally friendly services and Green Friendly policies. The hotels offer event and catering services for meetings, reunions, and other gatherings and events.  Your Bartell Hotels online application for employment puts you in the center of the hospitality industry in San Diego, with an enjoyable work environment and benefits.

Bartell Hotels Jobs Available

Bartell Hotels hire workers to handle accounting and tax matters, administrative and clerical support, brand management and advertising, catering and culinary services, communications, front office and guest services, general managers, hotel operations maintenance, housekeeping and laundry, information technology, interior design, marketing and online marketing, risk management, sales services, and security, for which you can submit a Bartell Hotels application form. Managers are needed to oversee operations and staff at individual locations.

Minimum Employment Age At Bartell Hotels

The Bartell Hotels job application online is available to applicants who are at least eighteen years of age.

Bartell Hotels Store Hours

Locations are open twenty four hours a day throughout the year, offering flexible scheduling opportunities for those who need to schedule shifts to accommodate other scheduling matters.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bartell Hotels

  • Click the “Careers” link at the left side of the page to view the hotel’s online Career Center, with information about employee benefits, currently available job opportunities, testimonials by current employees, and a link to the downloadable Bartell Hotels online application.
  • The company encourages applicants to hand deliver a completed Bartell Hotels job application form to the hotel in person, which gives you an opportunity to make a personal introduction to the manager.  Alternatively, you can fax or email a professional resume with the contact information provided.

Most Common Positions At Bartell Hotels & Income Information

You can find a Bartell Hotels job application for any one of a number of job types, including call center customer service, cooks and servers for hotel restaurants, staff trainers, front desk guest services, housekeeping and laundry services, maintenance engineers for grounds and pool upkeep, marketing and advertising and sales representatives, event planning, security, and on-site managers to oversee operations.  The business offices employ financial and accounting specialists, marketing representatives, clerical and administrative assistants, human resources and payroll, trainers, and more.

Bartell Hotels Benefits

With the success of your Bartell Hotels application, you will be able to enjoy medical insurance coverage, a 401(K) retirement savings plan, paid vacation, free parking privileges, safety incentives, and employee discounts at the hotels, as well as an enjoyable work environment. An additional valuable benefit is the ongoing training and education offered to employees, which enhances job performance (and related bonuses) and enables employees to move up through promotions within the company.  Many of the management positions within the hotel are filled by employees who have started at entry level and shown the motivation and work ethic to be promoted into increasing levels of responsibility and benefits.


To visit Bartell Hotels’ website click here.


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