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Carino Hotels and Resorts Job Application Online

With upper end hotels on five continents, Carino Hotels and Resorts offer high-end accommodations of four and five stars to worldwide travelers. The website offers a detailed look at each of the locations, including their luxurious amenities and information about the hotel location and its surroundings, meeting facilities, dining options, and the details and luxuries of the deluxe guest rooms.  Down to the details like gardenia blossoms on the bed, name brand Italian linens, designer bath products, and concierge and valet services, Carino Hotels and Resorts cater to their guests’ every comfort.  Enjoy the environment yourself with your Carino Hotels and Resorts online application for employment.

Carino Hotels and Resorts Jobs Available

Available positions for which you can submit a Carino Hotels and Resorts job application include salaried management positions in the area of accounting and finance, revenue management, food and beverage services, rooms operations and guest services, and sales and marketing. Hourly positions include work in housekeeping and laundry, guest services and concierge services, food and beverage services, maintenance and grounds keeping, information technology and guest reservations, and hotel management positions to oversee operations at a specific location.

Minimum Employment Age At Carino Hotels and Resorts

The Carino Hotels and Resorts job application online is available to applicants who are at least eighteen years of age.

Carino Hotels and Resorts Store Hours

Locations are open twenty four hours a day throughout the year, offering flexible scheduling opportunities for those who need to schedule shifts to accommodate other scheduling matters.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Carino Hotels and Resorts

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the website to see a listing of currently available positions, and link to the Carino Hotels and Resorts online application.
  • Select any job title from the list of available positions to see a detailed description of that job’s requirements and responsibilities, with a full job description and link to the Carino Hotels and Resorts job application form.

Most Common Positions At Carino Hotels and Resorts & Income Information

You are invited to submit a Carino Hotels and Resorts job application for any of the many hotel locations around the world, or corporate business offices.  The hotels themselves employ hourly employees to work in guest services at the front desks, as well as maintenance and housekeeping, laundry services, food services, and salaried managers.  The Central Reservations Offices employ hourly call center employees to handle the online management of guest reservations and financial transactions.  Corporate offices need employees to handle information technology, finances and accounting, advertising and marketing, clerical and administrative assistants, and other positions.

Carino Hotels and Resorts Benefits

Your Carino Hotels and Resorts application positions you to enjoy a wide range of positive benefits, including bonuses based on performance, insurance for medical and dental care, coverage for long-term and short-term disability, life insurance, 401(K) pension plans, hotel discounts, paid vacation and holidays, flexible scheduling, and employee health and wellness programs.  An additional valuable benefit is the ongoing training and education offered to employees, which enhances job performance (and related bonuses) and enables employees to move up through promotions within the company.  Many of the management positions within the hotel chain are filled by employees who have started at entry level and shown the motivation and work ethic to be promoted into increasing levels of responsibility and benefits.


To visit Carino Hotels and Resorts’ website click here.


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