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Crossland Economy Studios Job Application Online

Crossland Economy Studios specialize in extended stays, providing suites with Wi-Fi internet, fully functional kitchens, voicemail inboxes that can be personalized, laundry, weekly housekeeping, and pet-friendly policies. For business travelers, vacationing families, or people needing to relocate temporarily, Crossland Economy Studios provides the conveniences of home at an affordable price, and with consistently friendly service.  The company offers support to frequent travels with informational member services like the “Road Warrior Tips” blog, online reservation services, the “Suite Offers” electronic newsletter, and special deals and discounts.  To take advantage of career opportunities and company training, you can submit a Crossland Economy Studios online application for employment.

Crossland Economy Studios Jobs Available

You can submit your Crossland Economy Studios application form for available positions of guest services representative, front desk and customer service, maintenance engineer, housekeeping attendant, laundry, hospitality, clerical administration, or management.

Minimum Employment Age At Crossland Economy Studios

The Crossland Economy Studios job application online is available to applicants who are at least eighteen years of age.

Crossland Economy Studios Store Hours

Crossland Economy Studios are open twenty four hours a day, every day of the year

Important Tips To Apply Online With Crossland Economy Studios

  • Click the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to go to the company’s online career center, where you can post your resume, search for locations by job type of location, and submit your Crossland Economy Studios online application.
  • The company suggests submitting a professional resume with your Crossland Economy Studios job application form; if you don’t already have a resume prepared, you can take advantage of an online template or ask the input of an experienced acquaintance for producing a polished and professional looking resume of your own.
  • Crossland Economy Studios provide informational services for guests, which are also a great resource for you to get familiar with the company as you prepare for an interview.  The electronic newsletter, website pages, and Road Warriors blog will all give you a feel for the business practices and available services offered to guests.

Most Common Positions At Crossland Economy Studios & Income Information

The available job positions for which you can submit a Crossland Economy Studios job application include hourly jobs with housekeeping, laundry services, desk clerks, customer service representatives at the hotel and call centers, clerical administration to handle guest reservations and financial information, and maintenance engineers for upkeep of hotel grounds.  Salaried managers are needed to oversee hotel operations, handle scheduling and staffing, train new employees, and handle the financial aspects of the location’s day-to-day business. The corporate offices need workers to handle finances and accounting, marketing and management, information technology support, and regional management.

Crossland Economy Studios Benefits

Employees of Crossland Economy Studios enjoy job training which supports their job performance with this company, and ads to their professional resumes as well.  With the continuous hours of operation of the hotel, employees also enjoy the advantages of flexible scheduling with the ability to choose shifts that don’t conflict with other scheduling or family obligations.  Eligible employees can qualify for health insurance, vision and dental care, coverage for short-term and long-term disability, life insurance, retirement 401(K) plans, paid vacation, and travel discounts within the company.  If the responsibilities of a hotel position would suit you, go ahead and submit a Crossland Economy Studios application.


To visit Crossland Economy Studios’ website click here.


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