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Homestead Studio Suites Job Application Online

The parent company of Homestead Hotels operates several chains of “extended stay” hotels, where business travelers can make a home away from home, vacationers can stay for a long visit, or people can stay while in the midst of a relocation.  Offering all the amenities that can make a guest feel as if they’re staying in a home, Homestead Studio Suites feature fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, wireless internet access, fitness centers, weekly housekeeping (and optional daily service), and pet-friendly policies.  Unlike hotels where guests quickly come and go, extended stay facilities give employees the enjoyable experience of getting to know their guests.  Become part of the team supporting people who need a home away, and submit a Homestead Studio Suites online application for employment.

Homestead Studio Suites Jobs Available

Homestead Studio Suites hire staff to handle customer service and front desk reception, housekeeping (both the weekly thorough cleanings, and “refreshing” daily service for guests who choose it), laundry and maintenance workers, accountants and financial management, and managers to oversee staff and hotel operations.  The online career site provides a Homestead Studio Suites application form for all the available positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Homestead Studio Suites

The Homestead Studio Suites job application online is available to applicants who are eighteen years or older.

Homestead Studio Suites Store Hours

Homestead Studio Suites are open around the clock, and throughout the calendar year, providing flexible scheduling opportunities for those who need to schedule around other obligations.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Homestead Studio Suites

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the website to view the online career center for Homestead Studio Suites.  You can search for available jobs by type of job or location, and submit a Homestead Studio Suites online application.
  • The company suggests you submit a professional resume along with your Homestead Studio Suites job application form; if you don’t already have a resume prepared, you can use an online template to put together a sharp and informative resume which will be useful in all your job searching.  The careers page includes a specific link where you can submit a resume file.

Most Common Positions At Homestead Studio Suites & Income Information

Homestead Studio Suites hires hourly employees to work as guest services representatives and front desk customer service, maintenance engineers, housekeeping attendants, and laundry services, as well as salaried managers to oversee hotel operations.  The Homestead Studio Suites job application can be submitted online for any of these positions.

Homestead Studio Suites Benefits

Employees of Homestead Studio Suites enjoy discounted travel benefits with Homestead Studio Suites and its sister companies, as well as the possibility of flexible scheduling for those who need to arrange a work schedule around other obligations like school or family.  Eligible employees who have submitted a successful Homestead Studio Suites application also have health coverage for vision, dental, and medical expenses; life insurance and disability insurance (long-term and short-term); paid holidays and vacation, as well as personal days; retirement 401(K) pension plans, and a pleasant work environment.  The company provides training for new employees, and with the training, existing employees can advance through the company as they gain knowledge and experience.  With the advancement opportunities within the company, even an entry-level job can become a long-term career for a motivated employee.


To visit Homestead Studio Suites’ website click here.


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