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Hotel Palomar Application – Apply Online At Hotel Palomar Today

Hotel Palomar Job Application Online

Operated by the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Company, Hotel Palomar fills a niche market of art-embracing designer hotel locations. From the layout and design of the hotels themselves to the décor and exhibited art in each, the luxurious environs of each Hotel Palomar location are based on the stated theme of “Art in Motion.”  Each of the hotels features its own website, complete with artistic photos and specific information on the art scene available to that locale, as well as the luxurious services offered on site.  Become one of the sophisticated service team members of Hotel Palomar with your Hotel Palomar online application for employment.

 Hotel Palomar Jobs Available

Your Hotel Palomar application form can position you for management jobs within an individual hotel (overseeing a specific area of operation or the hotel in general) or managing areas of operation at the corporate level (such as marketing and advertising, accounting and financials, purchasing, security, human resources, employee training, and other areas).  Non-management employees at each hotel location work in food preparation and service, bartending and drink service, maintenance and grounds keeping, housekeeping and laundry, concierge and valet services, and front desk hosting.

Minimum Employment Age At Hotel Palomar:

The Hotel Palomar job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years of age and older.

Hotel Palomar Store Hours

Hotel Palomar is open around the clock, and throughout the calendar year, providing flexible scheduling opportunities for those who need to schedule around other obligations.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hotel Palomar

  • Click the “Human Resources” button at the bottom of the website to visit the extensive online career center of the parent company, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. The career center offers information on training programs, benefits, employment culture, and a link to the Hotel Palomar online application.
  • From the Career Center, click the “Job Search” button at the top of the page to make use of the search page, where you can look for available jobs by type of job or location, and submit a Hotel Palomar job application form.

Most Common Positions At Hotel Palomar & Income Information

Salaried management positions for which you can submit a Hotel Palomar job application include accounting and finance, administration, banquet chef, executive chef, pastry chef, sous chef, corporate office executive, kitchen management, catering management, food and beverage management, convention center and events management, human resources, employee trainer, marketing and public relations, purchasing,sales, security, and spa management.  None-management positions include banquet services, bartender and bellhops, cocktail servers, cooks, concierge services, front desk hosting, housekeeping and laundry, maintenance, restaurant servers, spa employees, steward, sales and marketing staff, and valets.

Hotel Palomar Benefits

Eligible employees of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants enjoy medical benefits with a comprehensive network of providers and choices of medical plans, which include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as short-term and long-term disability.  Some employees qualify for parental leave, and after a probationary period all employees enjoy paid vacation. Encouraging employees to pursue additional education, the company offers tuition reimbursements, and paid sabbaticals for Executive Chefs to engage in exchanges or other learning experiences. The company also provides extensive training and professional development, enabling employees to improve their resumes, as well as their positions within the company.To enjoy these benefits, along with a pleasant work environment, submit your Hotel Palomar application.

To visit Hotel Palomar’s website click here.

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